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Please join Katie and Adam from May 5–6, 2017 as we celebrate our wedding in British Columbia.

May 12th, 2017
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Wedding Photography Questions

What to tell your wedding photographer

You will be dealing with a number of suppliers before and on your wedding day and they all have one thing in mind: to make the day run as smoothly as possible so that you have the best day of your lives. What should you tell your wedding photographer before your big day?

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How much are wedding photographers in Edinburgh?

What influences the price, about cheaper  wedding photographers, and what you want to consider if you want your wedding photographs to look the part. Read an honest review of Edinburgh Wedding Photography Prices.

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What is included in a wedding photography package?

There are so many photographers out there and they all offer different things. Here's what you can expect to see as part of wedding photography packages. Discover all the aspects that influence the price of the wedding photography package.

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How long should the photographer stay at my wedding?

Many couples might wonder how much time they should ask their wedding photographer to stay and take photos on their wedding day, and you probably wonder what is a good amount of time to have the essential elements covered.

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Who are the best wedding photographers in Edinburgh?

You are only one Google query away from entering "Best Wedding Photographers in Edinburgh", so I might as well help you on your search and let you know who I think are the top Edinburgh wedding photographers.

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Wedding photographer jargon explained

This page is to help you understand the jargon professional photographers use, so you know what it all means. Learn about photography styles, trends, copyright, high resolution files etc.

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How much time should I plan for the wedding photographs on the wedding day?

Have you been to a wedding where the entire wedding reception was taken over by the photographer, or you didn't see the couple for hours as they were away for the photographs?

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What you should know about different wedding photography styles

There are so many photographers out there, and some have clearly different styles than others. Some photographers offer traditional wedding photography, but talk about modern, some people say they are a reportage style photographer, but clearly most of their photos are posed. So this little article will help you differentiate the different styles.

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Wedding photographer Edinburgh

Where is the best place for the photographer during the ceremony

A lot of couples have asked me this question: where will you be during the wedding ceremony? Will you be walking around taking photos from different angles? Will yo be using flash? What if there is no space? Are you allowed taking photographs during the wedding ceremony?

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How long should I plan for group photographs at my wedding?

You might be worried that you have to spend all your reception time posing for photographs and have hardly got any time to spend with your family and friends. Find out how to make this limit the time for group photos and make it fun.

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What are the standard family group photographs? (free download available)

Almost every bride and groom ask me about the "standard list" of family photographs that is normally taken. Is there a standard set of group photographs? Plus download a free template for family groups that you can use.

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Have the family group photos you want without upsetting anyone

How to have the family group photos you want without upsetting anyone

When I speak with couples about the family group photographs they would like, I am often witness to them trying to sort out family politics. This can cause stress and discomfort and that’s the last thing you want thinking about your wedding day. I have come up with a few diplomatic ways to keep everyone happy.

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What does copyright mean?

Every week, hundreds of clients of professional photographers receive a USB stick with their family or wedding photographs. And most of my clients ask if they now own the copyright to their photographs. This article explains the difference between “Copyright” and “The right to make copies”.

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Edinburgh parks photography permit

Are you getting married in Edinburgh City Centre, and if your venue does not offer private gardens, you might want to consider the Edinburgh parks for your wedding photographs, such as Princess Street Gardens, or only a little taxi ride away - Calton Hill. But you need to request permission from the Edinburgh Parks Authority well in advance, so you are not disappointed on the day.

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What does a typical wedding day plan look like?

Have you ever wondered about the timings of a wedding day? Have a look at the typical day plan for UK weddings.

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What if I do not like my photograph taken?

I don't like being in front of the camera!I don't like my photo taken!I am really not photogenic! Sound familiar? Let me help...

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What is a Google trusted photographer?

Most people know Google as a search engine. If you have an interest in photography, Google now reaches out to photography enthusiasts to improve search results by providing the search engine company with high-quality photos.

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