The 7 most romantic places to propose in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a fantastic place for the most romantic question!

If you are visiting Edinburgh and you don't know where the best place would be to pop the question, I have prepared a few location ideas for you to get you started. The best thing to do is to google every location and check if you like the look of it. Below are a few suggestions and also photographs of the different locations.

  • Calton Hill - East End of Princes Street - Amazing views over the city
  • Princes Street Gardens - lovely in any season, but many tourists during the summer months, so a quiet spot can be difficult to find.
  • Salisbury Crags - this is on the way up to Arthur's Seat. Amazing views over Edinburgh, but requires a little bit of a hike. If she's wearing heels, this might be a no-go.
  • Circus Lane - the cutest lane in Edinburgh. Very close to Stockbridge. Usually very quiet.
  • Dean Village - usually quiet, and very serene location at the river in the centre of Edinburgh.
  • Botanic Gardens - requires photography permission (approx. £60). (please contact the Botanics well before the event and get a permit for the photography during the event and after. Without a permit, we could be asked to leave!
  • The Vennel at Grassmarket - amazing views towards Edinburgh Castle

Secret Proposal Photographs Edinburgh Calton Hill

Proposal Photographs Edinburgh Calton HillProposal Photographs Edinburgh Calton Hill
Proposal Photographer EdinburghEngagement Photographer EdinburghSecret Engagement Photographer EdinburghEngagement Photographer EdinburghProposal Photographs Edinburgh Calton Hill Arthurs SeatProposal Photographs Edinburgh Calton Hill

Surprise Proposal Photographs Edinburgh Circus Lane

Proposal Photographs Edinburgh Circus Lane StockbridgeSecret Proposal Edinburgh Circus Lane

Surprise Proposal Photographs Edinburgh Dean Village

Proposal Photographs Edinburgh Dean VillageProposal Edinburgh Dean VillageProposal Edinburgh Dean VillageProposal Edinburgh Dean VillageProposal Edinburgh Dean VillageProposal Edinburgh Dean Village

Proposal Ideas Edinburgh - Ramsay Lane and Ramsay Gardens near the Royal Mile

Ramsay Gardens Edinburgh Proposal PhotographsRamsay Lane Edinburgh Proposal Photographs

Proposal Photographs Princes Street Gardens

Proposal Photographer Edinburgh

Proposal Photographs Edinburgh Botanic Gardens

Proposal Photographs Edinburgh Botanic GardensProposal Photographs Edinburgh Botanic Gardens
Proposal Photographs Edinburgh Botanic Gardens

Secret Proposal Edinburgh - The Vennel, Grassmarket

The Vennel near Grassmarket in Edinburgh is a lovely location overlooking the old Vennel and Edinburgh Castle. People can walk by as they use the steps to go from Grassmarket to the other part of town. But it's usually a quiet location. After the occasion, we can venture over to Victoria Street and take more photos around this famous street of Edinburgh.

Proposal Photographs Edinburgh The Vennel, Grassmarket

Proposal Photographs Edinburgh Salisbury Crags

Proposal Photographs Edinburgh Salisbury CragsProposal Photographs Edinburgh Salisbury Crags

Ross Fountain Engagement Edinburgh Princes Street Gardens

Engagement Photographs Ross Fountain EdinburghEngagement Photographs Ross Fountain Edinburgh

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