What to tell your wedding photographer

September 2019

You will be dealing with a number of suppliers before and on your wedding day and they all have one thing in mind: to make the day run as smoothly as possible so that you have the best day of your lives. Even the most experienced photographers will need a certain amount of information so they are fully prepared for your wedding day.

  • Wedding day timeline and Logistics - location, timings, names key people in the wedding party,  venue coordinator and celebrant.
  • Any planned surprises - Let your photographer know so they are prepared
  • Family group photos - which ones are absolutely crucial for you
  • What are you worried about? Let your photographer know any things you might feel uneasy about.
  • Special family situations - let your photographer know if someone is in a wheelchair or unsteady on their feet, or if certain people don't want to stand beside each other due to divorce etc.
  • No-Gos: Let your photographer know about the things you do not like. For example - being away for an hour for photos, cheesy poses.
  • Special photo requests - for example if you want a photograph under a special tree or in a special room - let them know so they won't forget on the day

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