About Nadin

How do you find the right photographer for your wedding?

First, you need to find a photographer whose style you like, and then you should reach out and get to know them.

I am a natural light photographer

(but I know how to use flash!!)

I am good at taking natural photographs that do not look posed (even though they might be), I am friendly and polite with your family and friends - especially when they take photographs too, and I am super quick with the family group photographs. And your wedding photos will be ready in less than 4 weeks! 

I am an Edinburgh-based photographer

My name’s Nadin and you pronounce my name just like you would “Nadine - with the “e” at the end.

I have this funny Scottish accent which sounds lik I’m from the Highlands, but I’m actually German. 

I believe great photographs come from a good relationship with your photographer. Someone who helps you feel at ease, make you giggle, and most importantly make you look amazing and happy in your photographs.

Want to know even more?

  • I am a cat person and have two of them.
  • I LOVE  anything light-turquoise and rose-gold!
  • I am a bit adventurous sometimes! A few years ago, I took helicopter flying lessons. I can take off a helicopter and also hover. It’s the most exciting thing I’ve ever done!
  • I love 90% dark chocolate!
  • In 2010, I walked the Camino de Santiago - a 500-mile / six-week journey across Spain.
  • I am German, and currently learning Spanish.

How my husband proposed in 2017

Getting married was just not on my RADAR, like A.T. A.L.L.! I had been married before and I was in no rush to walk down the aisle any time soon. I simply enjoyed taking photographs of my couples and their big day, but deep inside, I was hoping that one day I might wear a ring again.

So it came as a total surprise to me when one day my man got down on one knee, asking me THAT question!! He had found a shell on my favourite beach on the Isle of Harris. And with that shell, he popped the question. And the shell fitted perfectly!!

Have a look at our video below.

Our wedding on the Isle of Harris

We had our wedding ceremony on the Isle of Harris, in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland. We stayed at the luxury holiday accommodation "Oran Na Mara" near Scarista beach.

Our family


Photographer, story-teller, coffee-lover, cat person, definitely-not-a-morning person. Helicopter pilot in my dreams.


Photographer, video story-teller, drone pilot, loves exploring the Scottish Highlands & Islands, night owl.


Chubby cheeks, sloth, cuddly thing, his name is pronounced like "Pizza" but with an "M".


Editor in chief. Anytime I write for my website, she walks all over my keyboard. Purry thing. Unfortunately a morning-person.