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Please join Katie and Adam from May 5–6, 2017 as we celebrate our wedding in British Columbia.

May 12th, 2017
Please let us know if you’ll be attending the wedding.

Wedding Reception

Experienced wedding photographer? Elegant photographs? Unobtrusive, and fitting in with your plans? 

Telling your story in elegant, natural photographs, making sure your day runs on time, ensuring that the photography time is fun, and most importantly short so you - the couple - spend most of your time with your family and friends - that's my ambition for your wedding day.

Ah... how do you pronounce my name? Just as you would "Nadine". My mum thought that no-one would think to add an "e" at the end of my name, so she left it off... It's been haunting me ever since!

I developed an interest in photography in my early teens. Until I decided to go pro in my late 20s, it has been with me, nudging me gently but consistently. 

I love taking photographs of people and especially weddings. There is no better job than documenting a couple’s best day in their lives and presenting them with the memories they will treasure for the rest of their life.

I am from Germany originally and before I became a photographer I went to uni and got degrees in Business Studies and English. 

I was a fully qualified lecturer in Germany for Technical Colleges. I have lived in Scotland since 1999. So occasionally, my two languages come in quite handy at weddings with German-speaking guests.

Even more about me:

  • A good day starts with a strong coffee, followed by more coffee.
  • I am a cat person, but can never walk past a cute dog without giving them a cuddle.
  • I am a hopeless romantic, love sunsets, walks on the beach.
  • I absolutely adore books, especially business books where I can learn something.
  • I started to learn flying helicopters a few years ago, probably the most exciting thing I have ever done!
  • In 2010, I walked the Camino de Santiago - a 500-mile / six-week journey across Spain.

My story

I realised that running a business that is fulfilling, exciting, and makes you want to get up in the morning is to be personally connected with my clients. I find out so much about my couples, how they met, about their first date, and how he proposed, and also about the families I photograph.  

It's only natural you want to find out a bit more about myself too. Many friendships have come out of business over the years and I have become the "family photographer" and it all started out with a pre-wedding photo session, or a recommendation from a friend, or a google search!

Let's get the helicopter out of the way first...

My whole adult life I dreamt of flying a helicopter - just once! Armed with a gift voucher for a 30-minute session, I was on my merry way, flying a helicopter!

After 30 minutes flying over the lovely Perthshire countryside, I stepped out of the chopper (the yellow one), knees wobbling and the biggest grin on my face you can imagine. I just knew I had to do THAT again.

I took quite a few lessons and I can now hover a helicopter, I can take off and with a bit of help I can land it too. Oh, and the flying bit in between, or course.

But it's still a dream of mine to one day be a fully qualified helicopter pilot (Private Pilot License - meaning flying for fun).

Our love story

My fiancé Mo and I had been friends for about two years, we spent a lot of time together drinking coffee and chasing the sunset around Edinburgh, standing in the rain on the Salisbury Crags in Edinburgh taking photos of the fireworks over the castle, and having lots of BBQs on the beach.

One day we drove all the way to Mallaig on the west coast just to have a burger at sunset. It's still one of my favourite non-dates we enjoyed.

Over the years, we perfected our "burger on the beach" routine and started going on holiday together, as pals!!  And the last one of those "friends on holiday" - we came back as a couple.

The proposal

Getting married was just not on my RADAR, like A.T. A.L.L.! I had been married before and I was in no rush to walk down the aisle any time soon. I simply enjoyed taking photographs of my couples and their big day, but deep inside, I was hoping that one day I might wear a ring again.

So it came as a total surprise to me when one day he got down on one knee, asking me THAT question!! He had found a shell on my favourite beach on the Isle of Harris. And with that shell, he popped the question. And the shell fitted perfectly!! We are now planning our wedding for 2018!

Have a look at our video below.

Our family


Photographer, story-teller, coffee-lover, cat person, definitely-not-a-morning person. Helicopter pilot in my dreams.


Photographer, video story-teller, drone pilot, loves exploring the Scottish Highlands & Islands, night owl.


Chubby cheeks, sloth, cuddly thing, his name is pronounced like "Pizza" but with an "M".


Editor in chief. Anytime I write for my website, she walks all over my keyboard. Purry thing. Unfortunately a morning-person.

A few of my favourite things

I have a thing for antique auctions, especially for vintage style jewellery. I love the buzz and picking up a bargain! A few years ago, I photographed all the stock of one of the most renowned antique jewellers in Edinburgh - James Ness Jewellery. Since then, I have come to really appreciate vintage jewellery!

I just love the intricate designs and I have a few pieces which I wouldn't dare wearing, but they are just so amazing. I am not a collector by all means, but for some reason I am drawn to these auctions when I get the time...

Audible / Kindle

I have an Audible subscription and I love reading and also listening to books. I am totally addicted to business books. When I was at uni, I would run away from anything business (even though that was my course!!), but now I just read and listen to so many business books by the famous and inspiring people in the world.

I always have a book on in my car when travelling, learning about marketing, or leadership, or other business concepts. There isn't a single novel on my Kindle. I think it's something I got from my dad who is always reading something he can learn from. I absolutely love it and sometimes I sit in the car outside my home listening to the end of the chapter before going in.


Being from Germany, my music taste is a tiny bit different, including a lot of German artists. There is one band in particular whose music I will never stop listening to: Schiller. Have a look at the video below, skip to minute 21:00 and listen to one of their most popular songs, or minute 12:15 and you can listen to a cover version of the tune that was used by Visit Scotland for one of their adverts a few years ago.

Another one of my favourite artists is Thomas Bergersen who is a Norwegian composer. A lot of his music is used by the BBC and other TV stations as well as movies. The video below is one of my favourite songs by him.

Choosing a first dance song

Choosing a first dance song is somewhat difficult for us. I love the Schiller stuff, but that's just music to get lost in, dreaming. So we have now made a pact that I will choose our wedding first dance song, and Mo will choose our party first dance song. We are still searching and short-listing as the one song we both remember as one of our fun songs is this one - see video below... and that's not quite right for the first dance!

Chasing the sunshine

Both Mo and I love traveling and spending time preferably in warm climates. Up until a couple of years ago, my warmest experience had been Spain when I walked the 500 miles across the North of Spain - the "Camino de Santiago". That took me six weeks in the summer sunshine in 2010, but that's another story!

Mo was asked in 2016 to take a video for one of his clients who owns a big yacht. The owner of the yacht required a video and also photographs to promote his yacht to potential new clients. The yacht happened to be in Tenerife and we were asked to join the crew in November 2016 for a week's sailing around the Canaries.

Wow. What a week!!! It was so awesome to live on-board, enjoy yachting / sailing life (after my initial sea sickness) and visit the different marinas in Tenerife and La Gomera, west of Tenerife. We were then asked back in January 2017 to produce a film and photographs for a different sailing company, based in Tenerife too. Another week on board - hell yeah!! Another week of winter sunshine! See the two videos below.

In August 2017, we photographed a wedding in Tuscany - at 38 degrees! Such an awesome experience. More of that in the future!! 

At the moment, we are debating our honeymoon destination and a few locations are in the pot.

The other man in my life...

... is 2 years old! I just totally adore my nephew Theo and whenever I can I hop on a plane, and visit my parents and my brother and his family in Germany, to spend a bit of time with them. He is just learning to speak and my name has since been changed to "Din-Din" (short for Nadin) and Mo is now called "Mo-Mo".

We joined my brother and his family on their holiday (on La Gomera in the Canaries - guess who recommended that!!). Theo's got us wrapped around his little finger, big time! It's fab to be an auntie and I love this wee man in my life. In Germany, it is quite common not to share photos of children online.

My brother and his wife are not on Social Media and prefer not to share photos of Theo online. I can assure you it's the cutest thing I have every laid my eyes on, but then again, I am biased. So I am just honouring their request not to share photos of the wee man online. But he's the most photographed baby in the world!!

The business

In my "first life", I was a lecturer at a technical college in Germany. I have two degrees in Business Studies and English. Prior to starting my own business as a photographer in 2004, I worked for a software company in Edinburgh for a few years.  

Every day, I am surrounded by photographs. Business photographs, product photographs, corporate portraits, baby photographs, wedding photographs. I love Instagram and Pinterest and can easily lose an hour looking at amazing photographs.

In my heart, I am definitely a people photographer and that is what excites me most. Whenever I hear "I don't like my photo taken" or "I have never seen a good photo of myself", I ask the person to give me a chance to take my camera, and press the shutter just ONCE. I have done this so many times and every time I get the big eyes after: "How did you do THAT?" - as they look at the back of my camera in amazement.

THAT is what I am good at. I know how to make people feel at ease and get them to a point where they actually feel happy to be in front of the camera. I truly believe that a good portrait, one where the person looks at ease, natural, and un-posed comes from the invisible thing between the person and the photographer. It's a combination of trust, and curiosity "will she do it - take a good photo of me?".

Over the years, I have had the honour to take photos at hundreds of weddings in Scotland and internationally, and every time I have immersed myself into the big day, becoming an invisible part of it, only interfering on a few occasions, such as the bridal portraits or the formal family photographs. The rest of the time, I am a reporter, watching what is going on, or occasionally helping the guests taking better photos!

I have met some amazing people since I started my business, photographed quite a few celebrities too, and made some amazing friends in the process. Every day is a school day for me. I strive to learn every day, to become better at photography, at business, at life.

And the icing on the cake is when I see my clients, be it brides and grooms or mums and dads, being totally happy about their photographs and I know the investment is one into the future, as the photographs gain in value every single day.

I often take photos just for fun, to try out new things and keep on learning. The photos below are just a few ring photos of one of my "auction" rings, so I can improve my ring photos on the wedding morning.

On Luskentyre beach, Isle of Harris
Near Mallaig, West Coast, Scotland
Callanish Standing Stones, Isle of Lewis
Waves at Scarista Beach, Isle of Harris
Photos of the first frost before winter, just outside my home