How to plan to propose to the love of your life in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the perfect place for the most romantic question!

Regardless if you are travelling to Scotland, or if you live here: there are so many beautiful spots in the city for popping the most important question!

This page will answer (hopefully) all your questions on how to go about it.

If you have special plans, a certain location or anything else, please get in touch. I would love to be your secret agent in Edinburgh!

Edinburgh Proposal Photographer

Is your proposal very soon?

Send me a message via the below form and I will check my diary and get back to you straight away.

If your proposal is tomorrow or next week or later this month - send me a message. I might be able to fit you in!

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Let me be your secret agent

I would love to be your "secret agent", the person to ask for ideas, location suggestions, timings, weather.

Will the photographer be obvious?

I literally hide in plain sight! I pretend to be a tourist taking photos. The more obvious I am, the less suspicious!

Not familiar with Edinburgh?

If you are not familiar with Edinburgh, but have seen photographs, I can give you first-hand information about the locations.

I have photographed proposals on Edinburgh’s Calton Hill, in Edinburgh Dean Village, and the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Romantic Engagement Photos Edinburgh

How to book the photographer for you proposal in Edinburgh

Simply send me a quick message with your preferred date so I can check my diary.

I usually get back to you within the same day so you can plan your stay in Edinburgh.

Look at John's story... Winter Wonderland Proposal in the snow in Edinburgh, Scotland

When I planned a recent proposal for the end of December on Calton Hill, we arranged for a 12 PM  proposal near the monument. John from Boston, US contacted me months before the event and he suggested Calton Hill.

I sent him photographs outlining the perfect spot for him and his girlfriend and where I would be for taking photographs. We then exchanged photographs of what we look like and a few days before the big day what we would wear, so we would recognise each other.

Romantic Winter Proposal Calton Hill Edinburgh Photographs

And then it snowed...

When I arrived on Calton Hill, it had been snowing heavily and for me the whole scene was just picture perfect (for photos of this, scroll down).

John knew that my jacket would be bright reddish-brown, so I was sticking out from the dark winter coats everyone else was wearing.

He actually stood beside me and admired the view with his girlfriend and we just nodded to each other while she looked towards the city, not knowing what was about to happen.

Romantic Winter Engagement in Edinburgh

My partner doesn't like crowds, is there a quiet location in Edinburgh for my secret proposal?

I totally understand, you wouldn't want to be in the middle of a crowd when you ask the most important question.

Edinburgh's scenic spots can be super busy with tourists, but don't let that stop you from choosing them! We simply need to be clever about it and plan your secret proposal early in the morning.

Early in the morning??? Between 9 and 10 am is a perfect time, or during the summer months, later in the evening too!

Quiet place for proposal in Edinburgh

Can you arrange flowers?

Unfortunately not. I carry two cameras and quite often the event takes place early in the morning, so the florist wouldn't be open then.

Also, if I had a big bouquet with me, I would be more obvious.

However, I have spoken with an Edinburgh florist and asked them for advice. They suggest to have flowers delivered to the restaurant where you celebrate your engagement later that day. This would be an additional surprise for your fiancé!

Quiet place for proposal in Edinburgh

What if there are people in the spot where I planned to propose?

This sometimes happens. As your partner doesn't know what's about to happen, you can stall the moment a little.

Simply take some selfies, point out things, have a cuddle etc. Usually tourists disappear within a few minutes.

On busy days, if there are only a few people around you, and you don't mind - you can still go ahead and go down on one knee.

The people are usually super happy to have witnessed this fantastic moment.

Edinburgh Proposal Photographer

Funny story...

I planned a proposal with a US couple in Dean Village. At the exact time, when they were in the exact spot, they were suddenly surrounded by a group of about 15 tourists who all decided this was the perfect spot to take photographs.

He then made his way to Plan B location and went ahead with the proposal.

Proposal photographer edinburgh

Weather in Scotland

My husband is my weather frog and to date, he has always been 100% correct with his predictions. A few days before the planned proposal, we can decide which is the best option and we can even change plans one day before.

Romantic Engagement Photos Edinburgh


Certain parks in Edinburgh require a permission for you to go ahead, in case you want to set up anything, such as candles. Also, in the crucial moment you don't want a park warden coming over asking what you are doing.

I can help you with the locations in Edinburgh as I know where a permission is required.

How to communicate with me on the day

Just say you have a private tour booked, and I am your tour guide. On the day, we can chat through WhatsApp or SMS.

Talk about a man who will meet you at a certain location. She will not be suspicious if she sees a lady standing around with a camera. No-one has ever noticed me.

Who is taking the photos?

Me - Nadin. I've been a photographer all my life and had my business since 2004! Find out more about me on my About page.

Can you recommend a romantic restaurant?

Sure! There are lots of amazing restaurants in Edinburgh. I have put a list of Best Romantic Edinburgh Restaurants together on my blog.

Secret Proposal Circus Lane EdinburghSecret Proposal Circus Lane Edinburgh

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