5 Tips for Unforgettable Wedding Photos

July 2020

Whether hosting a gorgeous local wedding in your hometown, or opting for a lavish destination wedding to another country, one thing you won’t want to take lightly is your choice of photographer. Choosing a wedding photographer means you are choosing how you will look back on your wedding throughout the rest of your lives together.

There are many considerations to contemplate while choosing a photographer, from their shooting style to your personal budget. Here are 5 tips for unforgettable wedding photos to help you expedite the process.

  1. Check out the photographer's portfolio
  2. Plan your wedding day with your photographer
  3. Consider alternative media
  4. Be inspired by your venue or destination
  5. Have a clear idea about mobile phones and social media on your wedding day

Review the wedding photographer's portfolio

Firstly, make sure your wedding photographer’s portfolio matches your individual style. What type of photos do you want? Black and white? Romantic? Fun and playful? Traditional? Unique? Define yourselves as a couple and find a photographer who will match these styles. You may have family members volunteering to photograph your big day, but if their sample work doesn’t fit with yours, utilizing a greater budget on a professional will be the smarter choice at the end of the day.

Map out your wedding with their schedule

Think about the amount of time required for your photographer, as some may charge by the hour, or offer discount packages to photograph your entire night. There is much to capture, from the “getting ready” photos, to the first look, the ceremony, and even the reception. If you’re on a budget, you may just want to purchase certain portions of your wedding day with your vendor. Some photographers also charge extra to have their assistants on hand as well.

Consider alternative media

... such as videography and drone footage. These can really amp up your wedding photography and are especially popular at destination weddings. As more couples put a lot of thought into choreographed first dances or utilize epic wedding venues, drones and videography are becoming more and more useful. If you’re going to use a wedding photographer that also does videography, make sure you catch a highlight reel of their work, or consider using two separate vendors.

Let your venue or destination inspire you

If you’re hosting your wedding at an expansive venue, or amongst a scenic property, let the destination do the talking. Use the scenery, sunsets, and natural lighting to your advantage for unforgettable photos. When first touring venues, keep photography in mind from the start. It's best to be inspired by a new location rather than being pigeon holed into a specific set of preconceived ideas. Quite often, wedding venues might show you wedding albums from previous photographers, but it's always best to let the photographer choose the best spots.

Think about your social media plans and guests' mobile phone use on the day

If you don’t make a no-phone rule your guests WILL be taking photos. Of you, of themselves, of your decor, everything! Which isn’t a bad thing if you’re up for it. The great thing about smart phones is that their cameras are of high quality, and you may instantly have photos you love while awaiting your wedding photographer’s photographs.

However, make it clear to guests not to get in the photographer’s way. For instance, as you walk down the aisle, if all of your guests are holding their phones up to take photos, it could really intrude on your professional photos. Be clear with your guests with your expectations, and have a family representative or the celebrant announce this to the audience before the ceremony starts. Also, if you are welcoming social media with open arms into your ceremony plans, you might want to consider creating a unique #hashtag so that guests can share their photos, and you’ll easily be able to find them after the wedding.


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