6 Advantages Of Having An Outdoor Wedding

Your wedding day is one of the most awaited milestones of your life. There’s so much excitement and euphoria felt even from the planning process up until the big day itself. A wedding also signifies a new chapter of your life. However, even with the excitement, there can also be plenty of stress and frustration in the planning process. One of the biggest questions during the planning is whether you’ll have an indoor or outdoor wedding.  

When choosing a wedding venue, many couples want to think outside the box. After all, it’s the first thing that you need to decide before the rest of the wedding plans. Your wedding theme, decoration, and aesthetic often depend on your choice of venue. It’s also in your chosen venue where you get to first envision what your dream wedding will be like.  

So, between an indoor venue or an outdoor one, you may want to explore the advantages of an outdoor wedding. Besides, indoor weddings are too mainstream and you may have already witnessed them in the past weddings you’ve attended.

If you’re wondering what an outdoor venue would do for your big day, here are six advantages that you get to enjoy when you have one.  

1. The Landscape Will Do Most Of The Decorating For You

For an indoor wedding, you may have to exert extra effort with the decorations and designs to transform that venue into a wedding hall or whatever fantasy you want your wedding theme to be. Extra effort and decorations mean you’ll also need to set aside an extra budget for labour.  

Meanwhile, for an outdoor venue, the landscape may do the decorating for you. Whether you prefer to have an outdoor wedding on a beach, on a hill, mountain, or your own garden, there will always be a view that’s already pleasing to the eye. After all, you wouldn’t choose that outdoor venue in the first place if it doesn’t have a fine view or landscape.

Furthermore, you might also have some extra touch of nature–the chirping birds, the slow blow of the wind, or leaves dancing with the breeze. All these natural, relaxing views will be part of your wedding. Not to mention that the natural lighting is already given for you! Your guests will surely enjoy the pleasing visual delight surrounding them before fixing their eyes on the couple who are about to exchange their vows.

You can check this out for more outdoor wedding inspirations that may help you envision your outdoor wedding.

2. Wider Space

Suppose you’re inviting over 500 guests for your wedding. That could be a big problem when looking for a wedding venue. Wedding venues that cater to larger crowds often come with hefty prices. If you’re worried about fitting a large crowd in a small event centre or church, an outdoor setting may be the best choice.

Outdoor venues are more spacious and even breathable compared to indoor ones. When setting up the chairs, you’re also free to spread them out as far as you can so you can cater to all your guests. You’ll also have more room to set up the reception area.

Kids at weddings will also have the freedom to go to different areas where they can play, run, shout, and express their youthful energy. For your wedding guests, they’ll have more space to relax and socialize with other attendees.

3. Enhanced Time

Everyone knows that indoor wedding venues are on a first-come-first-serve basis. That means you’ll need to book your wedding venue as early as possible to make sure you’re the first one to reserve the date and choose the best time for your wedding. Even so, you’re only given a period of time, perhaps a couple of hours, to hold your wedding and reception. After the wedding, you’ll need to start packing as another wedding or occasion will be held in that same place. If you want to exclusively book the indoor venue for the entire day, it’s possible, but it does come at a high price.

Meanwhile, an expansive outdoor venue has plenty of room for multiple occasions or receptions. There’s also little chance that you’ll be booking that venue with someone else, which means you can spend as much time with your wedding reception and after-party! You’ll also feel less pressured and less stressed, which means that everything will be special for you.

4. More Photoshoot Options

As mentioned, outdoor venues come with a scenic and pleasing landscape. Thus, this would make a perfect backdrop for your wedding photographs! Your wedding photographers won’t have a hard time taking pictures of the ceremony or reception, given that the setting is already beautiful enough even if it’s not heavily decorated.

Moreover, the natural light from the sun will serve as the needed lighting for your photographer, making it easier to do the job perfectly. Take note that the best time to do wedding photoshoots or host an outdoor wedding ceremony is during the golden hour or when the sun is about to set.  

5. Endless Entertainment Possibilities

When it comes to outdoor weddings, the opportunities for entertainment and games are endless! Since you’re not confined to an indoor venue, this means you’re free to add some extra fun to your reception party. For instance, you can set up a different area for your guests to explore, such as horse riding, cocktails, or even a live band.

If you’ve invited plenty of children to your wedding party, you can also set aside another area with inflatable game stations for them to play and enjoy.

6. Offers Versatility

An outdoor venue offers you flexibility when choosing your wedding theme. It can be a casual ceremony or a formal one. You’re also free to change up the setting and make minimal changes to meet your desired theme.

Regardless of what theme you’re having or which type of wedding flowers or decorations you'll use, the natural and beautiful surroundings will have no trouble blending in with your outdoor nuptials.

Host Your Outdoor Wedding

As you can see, there are many reasons why an outdoor wedding venue is a key to making your dream wedding memorable and unique, not only for the married couple but for the guests, too. Nature’s incredible bounty will significantly impact everyone’s emotional state, making the event an unforgettable lifetime experience.

Traditional indoor weddings are beautiful, but outdoor weddings certainly offer their own unique advantages. Make the most of your wedding day by planning your outdoor wedding now!

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