How To Make Your Retro Wedding A Blast

July 2021

Your wedding can be one of the most magical experiences and events you’ll go through. Apart from tying the knot with your partner, you’ll share a special moment with the people and things you love, making the day extra special.  

If you and your partner enjoy having a blast from the past, you may want to go for a retro wedding theme. Delivering an authentic retro experience will ensure that you and your guests take home fond memories of your special day.  

Listed below are a few ways you can make your retro wedding a blast:  

1. Hire Retro Bands 

Your music choices can greatly affect the mood of your wedding. To achieve an authentic retro experience, it would be great if you could hire a band that can play music from your chosen decade. This way, you can immediately make the room feel and sound retro, achieving the vibe you’re going for. 

When hiring wedding bands, try to see how they perform live first before you book them. Moreover, you should also ask them if they could wear retro costumes that can help complete the experience. While some bands may offer an additional charge, it would be a great addition to your retro-themed wedding.  

2. Use Retro-Style Cameras 

Disposable cameras were all the rage in the past. While people today mainly use their smartphones to capture special moments, you can also encourage the use of retro-style cameras to complement your theme.  

If your budget allows for it, provide disposable cameras at each guest’s table so they can use these to take pictures of the event. You can choose to send the photos back to them or keep them all for yourself.

If you have a bigger budget, you may also consider providing your guests with polaroid cameras so they can conveniently take shots that they can keep after the wedding. It’ll be a great wedding giveaway that your guests will surely enjoy and appreciate. You can even add a film refilling station where your guests can get another batch of films to capture special moments.  

3. Carefully Choose Your Decoration

When your guests enter the venue, they should immediately feel the retro vibe, which you can achieve with the help of carefully selected decorations. Take the time to thoroughly research your theme to ensure the decorative elements goes well together. 

If you’re planning to go for the ‘90s era, you can choose to use a bright-coloured wall, along with using lava lamps for the centrepieces. You can even add a corner where your guests can lounge in inflatable furniture or bright-coloured bean bags. Moreover, try to install beaded curtains by the entrance, which can immediately help set their expectations and surprise them simultaneously. It’ll be an experience your guests would never forget.  

As you decorate your venue, try to achieve the perfect balance between flowers and decorations. While it may be fun to throw in everything retro that you can get your hands on, you still need to make it look like a wedding venue.  

4. Ask Guests To Dress Up  

There are plenty of stylish suits and dresses from the past that your guests can wear on your special day. If you’d like to make the wedding feel very retro, you should consider asking your guests if they could dress up according to the theme by informing them which decade you’re inspired to recreate.  

Apart from dressing up in retro outfits, you should also ask them if they could fix their hair to match their look. For the ladies, you could provide them with ruby red lipsticks that were a signature part of a retro look.

When you ask your guests to dress up, try to provide them with photos of what you expect them to look like. This way, they can have a reference when they go shopping and you improve the chances of everyone having coordinated looks. You can attach the photos to your invitation.  

5. Book A Retro Venue 

While your decorations can help you achieve a retro look, going for a vintage venue will make things easier and cheaper for you. With an appropriate setting, you don’t have to hide any modern decorations and simply let the place do the work for you.  

You can choose to book a barn, an outdoor venue, an old museum, a historic hotel, or something mid-century. Ideally, you should visit the venue right away and see if it gives you the retro vibe you’re looking for.  

With the right venue, you can set the mood and send your guests on take a trip to the past. Just don’t forget to add decorations that’ll complete the look.  


A retro wedding is a theme that can be difficult and expensive to pull off. You can just imagine the pieces of decoration you’ll have to secure. However, with the right research and some hard work, you can achieve the wedding of your dreams. Moreover, since the theme will be unique, it’ll be a wedding that your guests will surely never forget. 

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