What if it rains??? Pre-shoot in the wind and rain!

The reputation of Scotland's weather is not the best! So every couple ultimately asked me before the wedding this question:

What if it rains??

Well, we do it anyway! In all the weddings I have photographed over the years, I have only had a handful of weddings where it literally poured down, and we still ventured outside (in most of them) and took stunning wedding photographs!

Here's how I am prepared for the rain situation:

  • I have 2 white umbrellas in my car which can be used during the session. It makes for fun photographs in the rain AND keeps you dry.
  • I will always check the venue as well as any adjacent parks or gardens and will find sheltered spots for the photographs.
  • You could have some wellies ready in case it rains - for some fun images!
  • The venue might have locations indoors which are great for photographs. I always have my lights with me for situations like this.

Ruth and Tom's pre-shoot in the rain in Edinburgh

Ruth and Tom live in London and their wedding is later this year in Edinburgh. They were only in Edinburgh for a few days to do the final preparations before their wedding. We met in a cafe and I wrote down all the final wedding details, when everything takes place, who will be there and what the general plans are for the day. We then ventured out into the rain and heavy winds and spend about half an hour taking photographs around the Royal Mile. Especially Tom was a little bit apprehensive before having his photo taken. But within a couple of hours I had a message from the couple saying they both really enjoyed themselves and Tom no longer feels apprehensive about having his photo taken on the wedding day.

Have a look yourself - here's a selection of the photos :) - scroll down right to the bottom for a little video with more images.

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Only light drizzle at the start of the session, but already quite windy!
Once it started to rain, we (well, the couple!) were under the columns, protected from the elements, and the trees also provided enough shelter to keep them dry!

A tiny video with more images