The Perfect Proposal – What To Do About The Ring?

It’s the perfect secret proposal. Nothing has been left to chance. The setting is breath-taking; the mood music perfect; the photographer is primed but inconspicuous and ready to capture your unsuspecting partner’s reaction as you pose the most important question you will ever ask – the one that will launch your life as a married couple.

As you produce the box containing the ring you have carefully chosen, her eyes widen in astonishment. But as she opens the box, a flicker of disappointment passes over her face. It’s momentary but it’s there nonetheless. She reassures you she loves it but there’s a slight hesitation in her voice. How were you to know that she had always dreamed of an art deco-style emerald cut diamond/ a rosebud cushion solitaire/ a ring with supporting sapphires?

As the photoshoot finishes, she is messaging the group chat. “He proposed. I said yes. But what can I do about the ring? It’s beautiful but it’s just not me!” Mumsnet and such forums are full of this kind of dilemma.

Proposal Photographer Scotland

For most women, their engagement ring will be their single most important and meaningful piece of jewellery and it will be on display every day. Many women will have as clear an idea of the ring they would like to mark their engagement as they do of their wedding dress. 

It’s a highly symbolic element and a daily reminder of the commitment they have made. Few women have not stopped before a jeweller’s window, scanned the engagement rings and selected the one they like best.

For you, finding your partner’s dream engagement ring without their input can be immensely stressful, especially if she has not dropped any hints or you’ve failed to pick them up! The good news is the vast majority of brides will want to choose the engagement ring and they will want to choose it with their partner. Part of the joy is trying on lots of styles before finding the ideal ring, shopping together and making a special day of it.

An engagement ring is a significant investment and you will want to get it right. Of course, most reputable jewellers will exchange the ring but by then the moment has passed. On the other hand, you want to give her something lovely as you propose – a meaningful memento of the special moment. What else can you give which will be treasured but which will not overshadow the ring?

Scotland Proposal Photographer
Scotland Proposal Photographer

The answer is a piece of proposal jewellery that she can wear until the ring is ready. The prefect piece for proposals comes from Scottish designer jewellery brand Lily Blanche. Their Love Apple Magical Charm Pendant is part of their Magical Charm collection of ten charms which have a special meaning and open to reveal a hidden secret. 

Engagement Ring Alternative for Proposal
Engagement Ring Alternative for Proposal

The little apple represents love and is beautifully crafted. It opens to reveal a tiny engagement ring featuring a white topaz. Available in sterling silver or 18 carat gold vermeil, the pendant can be worn as a reminder of the proposal. 

It’s a lovely piece of jewellery in its own right. It won’t break the bank and it will suit every bride. It can be layered with other pendants or worn on its own as a delicate necklace. Only you and she will understand the symbolism behind it.

Best of all, it adds an extra surprise to the proposal and ensures that not only will she have a lovely charm pendant to cherish, she still has choosing the ring to look forward to and there is no danger of disappointment.

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