Intimate Wedding at Edinburgh Castle

Teeny tiny wedding with only 7 people at Edinburgh Castle today, but nevertheless full of love and laughter. Congratulations to Megan and Zach from Gainesville, Georgia. They brought their dearest along across the pond – to the Edinburgh Wedding – their mums and dads and a close friend. St Margaret’s Chapel is a lovely little chapel at the top of the Castle, and after the ceremony we had a little time to take photos nearby. The weather was great too!!

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While I was waiting for the bride to arrive, I used the chance to take some photos of the views over Edinburgh.

The ceremony took place in St Margarets Chapel which is a tiny chapel at the top of Edinburgh Castle. It can only seat about 20 people.
When Megan arrived, she was immediately surrounded by tourists who used the chance to take a few photos.
Even though they have staff to keep the path clear, there are always hundreds of people at that place in the castle, so you have to be prepared for that :)
That's everybody who was at the wedding :) Intimate, down to the T.
These guys are just soooo in love! I only spent about half an hour with them around the Chapel, and there were lots and lots of tourists, but we didn't get distracted. Absolutely adored spending time with these two!
Love love love cheeky wedding photos :) !!!
And why not...??