Pre-wedding session / Engagement shoot

Pre-wedding photo shoot

All my weekend wedding packages include a complimentary pre-wedding photography session which usually takes place a few months before your wedding. 

Couples who had the session are a lot more relaxed on the day as they know exactly what to expect. This also gives us the chance to get to know each other a little, which in turn will result in a fantastic working relationship on your wedding day.

What to wear for your engagement photo shoot

Visiting from abroad?

Celebrate your engagement with some amazing photographs taken during your travels to Europe, and especially in Edinburgh and Scotland. I have shown Edinburgh, this beautiful city, to many couples travelling from abroad and taken some amazing romantic photographs at the most romantic places in and around Edinburgh. We can also take photographs near a historic castle just outside Edinburgh.

I know Edinburgh really well and can help you find the perfect, most romantic locations for your amazing pre-wedding photographs.

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A little pre-shoot video gallery for you

Edinburgh, Aug 2019

Fife, Feb 2019

Edinburgh, Oct 2018

Edinburgh, July 2018

Edinburgh, April 2018

What happens during the session?

Pre-wedding shoot

A pre-wedding photo session tends to take place at one location of your choice - in or around Edinburgh.

Normally, we have a quick  coffee first which gives me the chance to take a few notes of your wedding plans.

Then we would go for a walk for about half an hour to an hour and have some fun and I am taking photographs of you as a couple. Are you a giggly couple, or are you shy? Are you worried about being in front of the camera?

You can bring in your own ideas too, and together we create an amazing little collection of images months before your wedding.

You can then select your favourite image and I will prepare a signature board for your wedding day for your family and friends to sign and leave a lasting memory from your wedding.

International photo shoot

Engagement photos for couples who travel to Edinburgh specifically for the photo session usually include several locations in or around Edinburgh, and can take between 2 and 4 hours.

Quite often, the couple will have just arrived in Edinburgh a day or so before the engagement shoot. There will have been a lot of email correspondence about different locations and timings well beforehand.

We will meet on the day of the shoot and have a quick coffee and then we start taking photographs. We will travel to several locations to capture Edinburgh's beauty.

Please think about outfits as you may want to change a couple of times, bring a large bag to keep it all in for easy transport. We might use a taxi to go from one location to another as the car parking in Edinburgh can be difficult.

What is a signature board?

After you have received your pre-shoot photographs, you can select your favourite image. I will get it professionally printed and mounted by my framer. The photograph itself is approximately 10" x 8" (just shy of an A4) and the actual signature board is 20" x 16" (50 cm 40 cm).

Location ideas for pre-wedding photo sessions

  • At your wedding venue
  • The Botanic Gardens
  • Cramond Beach
  • Dean Gardens (private)
  • The Royal Mile (not so good in summer, many tourists)
  • The Forth Bridges in South Queensferry
  • Stockbridge, Circus Lane
  • Blackness Castle
  • Dean Village
  • Inverleith Park
  • Queen's Drive - near the Loch (the road up to Arthur's Seat)
  • Calton Hill

Location ideas for International engagement shoots

  • Calton Hill
  • The Royal Mile
  • Outside St Giles Cathedral (we will not be allowed inside)
  • Princess Street / Scott's Monument
  • Victoria Street
  • Stock Bridge, Circus Lane
  • The Forth Bridges, South Queensferry
  • Blackness Castle

Check out this page for photographs taken at all of these locations.

Some things to bear in mind

What to wear for the pre-wedding shoot

I would recommend to wear an outfit that makes you feel great and relaxed - something you would wear going for brunch in town on a Sunday.

The bride-to-be: Avoid high heels as we most likely will be walking over grass. Bright colours always look amazing in photographs - so choose some colours that make you feel amazing.

The groom-to-be: Trainers or shoes you can comfortably wear walking over grassy areas. Jeans, jacket, something with colour in it. Bring your shades (regardless of sunshine or not…).

There is no need to bring any additional outfits for a pre-wedding shoot.Also check out this article - What to wear for the pre-wedding shoot.

Restricted or "no-go" locations (international shoots)

Edinburgh Castle - anywhere inside the castle. Edinburgh Castle only allow couples who are getting married in the Castle to have their photographs taken inside the Castle.

Edinburgh Castle Esplanade - if you are dressed up specifically for a photo shoot, you will not be allowed to even go on to the Castle Esplanade (the big area before the castle entrance / draw bridge). Edinburgh Castle only allows couples who get married in the Castle to have photos taken on the Esplanade.

Calton Hill - requires a photography permit.Princess Street Gardens - requires a photography permit.

St Giles Cathedral - not permitted inside.

More information on the Edinburgh City Council website.

More information about photography permits on this page.

I can't wait to get to know you and take amazing photographs - well before your wedding!

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