Introduction to Flowers and Their Meaning: Are Roses Really “Red” and Violets Just “Blue”?

November 2021

“Roses are red and Violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so are you”, a memorable nursery rhyme. However cheeky the way you complete this rhyme, what clearly remains in the mind is the color of the roses and that of violets. 

Filling your wedding or photo session location with beautiful flowers is ideal for many brides. It is not unusual to see roses and violets nested within flower arrangements and bouquets. Their vibrancy often adds the needed dash of color between green fillers and other flowers. 

But, is the color of a rose really red and the color of violets just blue? Can they give out a message to those who understand the meaning of flowers during your wedding day or anniversary? Let’s take a glance at the language of flowers.

Are Roses Really Red?

Are roses really red? Yes, red roses exist, but so do other colors of roses. Farmers grow red roses, yellow roses, pink roses, and the list goes on. Why don’t we connect with a few colorful roses and their meaning? Let’s start with the red rose.

Red Roses

So, what is the meaning of a red rose? Red roses represent passion, seduction, desire, love and strength. No wonder in a romantic setting, people lean towards decorating their locations and facilities with red roses. A courting man will rush to give the girl he fancies red roses to represent his love for her. So yes, in this situation, roses are red. Whatever color theme you choose for your wedding, why not throw in a few pieces of red roses, or red rose petals among your chosen flowers.

White Roses

White roses represent purity, innocence, young love, loyalty and eternity. They also symbolize new beginnings. This is why they’re often used at weddings.

Pink Roses

These flowers symbolize elegance, grace, joy and feminity. They’re a great choice for proms, bridal parties, girl baby showers.

Yellow Roses

To express friendship, joyfulness or warmth on your wedding day or other important occasions, select yellow roses. Why? The vibrant color of yellow flowers or roses represents a cheerful occasion. An occasion filled with laughter, warmth, joy and full of energy.

Are Violets Just Blue?

Did you know that violets and love go hand in hand? It is not a popular flower selected for its symbol of endless love. Yet, violets represent love, devotion, loyalty, faithfulness, and remembrance. Therefore, are violets blue? Yes, you can find some types of violets known as the blue violet. However, blue is not the only color possessed by violets. We have African violets, which flower to violet, purple or white flowers, Verbena violets producing mauve flowers and many more.

Blue Violets

Blue violets match in as the official flowers to celebrate a couple’s 50th wedding anniversary. Giving blue violets to your partner, or decorating a location during this anniversary is a way of saying, your bond this far is full of determination, loyalty and let’s not forget love. Why not remember your 50 years as a couple with blue violets in your flower arrangements?

What about new and budding love? Blue violets come in handy to express a new love that is everlasting and will withstand all obstacles to remain in the couple's hearts.

White Violets

As a color, white symbolizes innocence. So, as a wedding decoration, white violets send the message of innocence and hope. Hope that joy and endurance will fill the joining of a couple.


Roses and violets hold the fort for romance, but let’s not forget the beautiful orchids. Orchids flower in a variety of colored flowers. Although expensive, these delicate flowers represent beauty, love, and unity. In a flower arrangement, they add to the elegance and splendor of a celebrated occasion.

Flowery Thoughts

Your occasion holds great meaning to you and the ones present. Understanding the meaning of flowers and your choice in displaying them on your occasion adds that much more significance. Can’t say it with words, say it with roses and violets. Roses are red and violets are blue, love abounds for the couple of you.

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