Wedding Dress Underwear

March 2020

What underwear should I choose for my wedding dress?

I spoke with Mette from Freja Design - Wedding Dress Designer in Edinburgh and she highlighted a common problem many brides face: Here are her words:

We get a lot of brides contacting us with wedding dresses they have bought in shops without consideration for what underwear will work with the design.

What is the best bridal wedding dress underwear?
Best wedding underwear - bridal underwear?

There is absolutely not a one size fits all, but underwear can make or break an outfit, there are lots of options and they need to suit your dress and your requirements.  

I am speaking generally, and your personal choice will come into it too.

  • Boned bodice: I think if you have a boned bodice with internal lace up, you shouldn’t wear a bra. If you are the type of person who would never leave the house with out wearing a tight bra, then perhaps you need to try your dress on with a strapless bra and see if the look of the dress is better, and how you feel.
  • Strappy Dress with a low neckline: If you have a strappy dress with a low neckline, then have a look at all the different bra styles, you can get, with a really low front, and sometimes you can get a multiway bra, so you can lower the strap at the back and all of that. Please be aware that some of these bra styles and you need to be aware of that when choosing the dress size.
  • A wedding dress with a low back: If you are wearing a dress with low back, then perhaps try some stick on cups. I have tested a lot of them, and I weirdly feel the cheaper the better on that front. A lot of the expensive options are silicone and really heavy. The cups are obviously much less support than if you go with a sports bra, so you need to decide if you can cope with that if you are the type who goes all out in the ceilidh.
  • Soft dress: If you are going for a really soft dress more a sort of blousey look, A lot of brides asks if we can stitch in cups in the dress. But we cant! Sorry! Think about it, if you have a t-shirt and you stich cups in that they are just going to rummage around and not give you support. If you have a loose dress, you need to wear the support on the body.

But generally speaking, be realistic, if you have really big boobs and want to throw some crazy shapes all night, then perhaps you should consider a dress which will give you support to do just that.

best bridal underwear uk

In terms of your legs: you need to have a think about if you would like to go bare legs, if so, you need to break your shoes in extra much! shoes rub more with no stockings or tights.  Perhaps a blister plaster pack on standby.

If you go for stockings, make sure you try them on with your wedding dress, you may be able to see the suspenders through the dress, also, make sure you test ride them with another dress, and make sure you are comfortable with them, if you are prone to chaffing, they might not be the best option,

You could also try hold-ups, again, make sure you “test-ride” them on a night out. So you are sure you have the right size, so you don’t get them falling down at the alter. Both hold-ups and stockings are definitely cooler to wear than tights. If you wear hold ups, you need to not wear talc and body lotion on the rubber belt. You also need to wear them for some hours to make sure you don’t take an allergic reaction to the rubber, its more common than you think.

Lastly, you can obviously go for tights, perhaps have a look at the ones which has build in knickers, so you don’t get too many layering.

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