5 Things You Shouldn't Miss On Your Wedding Day

November 2021

When planning a wedding, there are about a million things that can be running through your mind. You want your wedding to be the most perfect day ever. But even when you have a wedding planner walking you through every detail, sometimes, one or two important things may slip through the cracks.

Albeit small details, when you miss something on your wedding day, it can set your nerves on edge and keep you anxious. This is the last thing you want to feel on what can be considered as the biggest day of your life. While one couple’s checklist can differ from another’s, some details are often overlooked but one should never miss during their special day.

In this article, you’ll come across a list of those five things:

1. Choosing A Florist For Your Fairytale Wedding

Just because you’ve decided to limit the flower decorations in the venue doesn’t mean you can take this aspect for granted. You have to prioritize your bridal bouquet, the bridal entourage’s flowers, and the floral pieces for the aisle and tables. Thus, looking for florists near Los Angeles or your location early on will help you achieve that fairy tale floral arrangement you’ve always wanted. 

In choosing the best florist for your wedding, the first thing you have to consider is the design. Do you prefer lush and tall pieces or perhaps the minimalist and modern ones? Once you’ve determined the design you want, then it’s time to choose the florist that specializes in that arrangement.

Then, you need to consider your budget. Since the list of wedding expenses can be quite long, flowers should only comprise 10% (or less) of your overall budget for the wedding. Talk to your florist about extra charges for the setup or other materials needed for the arrangement. 

Finally, you can also read reviews or look for recommendations. Some of the best ways to look for the best florist are to scan through their portfolios and ask your wedding planner for suggestions. They’d know the best florists in town. 

Bouquet of Flowers for Wedding Day

2. Other Clothing Pieces And Accessories

While the wedding gown and suit are impossible to miss during your big day, other things are quite easy to forget. These may include the footwear, jewelry, hats, and other accessories you’ll be wearing. For instance, if you’ll be taking photos of yourself in your bridal robe, make sure to prepare the robe and other accessories since these are often left behind or forgotten completely.

It may seem impossible for anyone to forget the couple’s top to bottom outfit, but among the boxes of things the coordinator and planner have to bring, plus the last-minute stressors, it can happen.

Especially if you have to travel far for your wedding venue, make sure to double-check that you have everything you need.

Beautiful Wedding Dress for your special day

3. Eating Properly

The nerves and excitement will truly get in the way of a full-course, healthy meal during your wedding. The commotion will prevent you from even thinking of grabbing a bite or two before the ceremony commences. You might think that you have to skip your meals to fit in your wedding dress or suit, but this has been proven to be counterproductive. 

However, know that pre-wedding butterflies are real, and this often leads to nausea or even vomiting. Skipping meals during the big day can lead to disaster when you pass out in the middle of the ceremony. Grab a light snack and hydrate so that you can celebrate your special day without feeling weak, or worse, sick.

4. Your Essential Personal Items

A wedding doesn’t have to be inconvenient. You can pack your essential personal items ahead of time and perhaps let your maid-of-honor or best man carry them for you. These essentials may vary for each person. If you easily get hungry, you can pack a light snack. If you’re the type to sweat profusely, carry a handkerchief or a make-up bag for touch-ups. 

You can put all of these essentials in a small pouch and ask someone else to bring them for you. 

5. Soaking Up The Moment

Here comes the waterworks. Weddings will always involve tears of joy—and there’s no guarantee that you won’t bawl your eyes out and smudge your makeup. Even if you’re not the crying type, your own wedding might become the exception to this fact. 

Ask someone from your entourage to bring tissues with them just in case. You wouldn’t want your makeup that took hours to finish to last only for a few minutes. Your parents and other guests may not be able to hold back their tears as well. A box of tissue will truly come in handy during the big day. 


No one will forget a wedding day and all the important things that come with it—it’s always the little details that are often taken for granted. Even the most seasoned wedding planners tend to forget these aspects, despite them being as important as the others.  

As your wedding day looms closer, go through the list above again to be certain no stone is left unturned. Then, you can walk down the aisle without a hitch and say ‘I do’ as the happiest newly wedded couple. 

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