5 Super Stylish DIY Wedding Projects You Can Do Yourself

Not only is wedding planning a lot of pressure, time, and effort, paying for the wedding itself can cost you an enormous amount. And with the perspective around weddings changing - they’re no longer considered the most important day of anyone’s lives, though they’re still meaningful - people are starting to rethink how they spend their wedding day, and the wedding planning itself.

Brides are breaking out of the norms with coloured wedding dresses instead of the classic white ensemble, and they’re getting more involved with setting up the wedding itself. Who doesn’t love to pour a little extra love into their wedding, especially when it can save them big bucks too? Well, DIY projects are just the way to do this for many.

If you want to know about some DIY projects you can do on your wedding, keep reading.

A Home Grown Bouquet

A lot of people know well in advance when their wedding is going to be, and if your wedding is a long way off, how about growing your own bridal bouquet? This way you can save a lot on the flowers, as well as have an excuse to try out some gardening. Who knows, you might like it enough to keep doing it even after the wedding.

The easiest flowers to grow in your garden would be roses, which are also amazing options for a bouquet. You can even use some of them in the decor if you have a small wedding.

Selfie Props

One of the more important parts of the wedding these days is the photos - and not just the professional ones that you hire a photographer for. There are selfies, goofy photos with the wedding parties on both sides, and so much fun going on between the friends to capture.

Why not make the post and pre-wedding parties special with the help of some fun props and accessories people can use while taking these photos?

Signs that say “I’m with the bride” or poke fun at the theme of the wedding, or even some that reference an inside joke between the people being married and their friends can all be great DIY projects for you. Of course, all these things can be added after the photos are taken with the help of apps like Facetune, but this is just more fun. Besides, even editing apps have limitations.  

You can make cardboard tiaras, sashes, and even some masks that people can hold up to their face while taking photos.

Make Your Own Wedding Veil

If you’re looking to add a personal touch to your wedding dress, how about making the wedding veil yourself? You might need to learn some stitching and embroidery, but with a little effort you can make a veil that would otherwise cost you a few hundred dollars.

You can make it with any number of patterns and designs, from embroidery with silk thread, plain white ribbons, or beads. If you don’t have anyone around you who would know how to do this, don’t worry. There are countless tutorials online for pretty much anything, and that includes making wedding veils.

Once you’ve decided a pattern and material, it can take you anywhere between a day or two to a few weeks to finish it.

Scrapbook as Wedding Present for Spouse

There’s one part of the wedding that has a lot of people stressed these days, which is the exchange of presents between the newly wed spouses. This is usually done right after the wedding ceremony, and is the first present you give to each other in your married life. No pressure.

Of course, the internet is full of advice for what the proper wedding present is, but we think nothing beats a handmade present on the wedding day. We suggest making a scrapbook full of memories from your relationship leading up to the present day, as well as some space left over for the documentation of your first few years together.

Not only will this be a touching gesture, but also a message that you plan on sticking around for the foreseeable future, which is always appreciated.

DIY Ring Bearer Box

There’s no need to spend an exuberant amount on a ring bearer box that won’t even be used very often. Try your own hand at decorating a plain wooden one with some metallic paints, hot glue gun, string, and whatever else you want to put on there.

Of course, you can always keep the box later and use it for your jewellery and other important items too.

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