What's Your Engagement Ring Style

Published 2 Sept 2019 | Collaboration

An engagement ring will be worn more than any another piece of jewellery in your collection. This sparkly symbol of commitment should represent your style, personality and identity as a couple, so we’ve dived into everything engagement rings to help you figure out your engagement ring style.

What's your style: classic, unique, vintage or sparkling?


Elegant and refined, you prefer elegant looks and opt for understated and timeless accessories. Think platinum solitaire engagement rings. These rings continue to be the most popular choice of engagement ring because of their simple elegance. The epitome of grace and beauty, this classic design makes your chosen diamond take centre stage.


As somebody who prefers to stand out from the crowd, you’re drawn to eye-catching and distinctive fashion. Look toward mixed metals, colourful gems and anything a little bit different. Most jewellers will recommend sapphires and rubies as the best alternative engagement ring gemstones due to their durability rating.


Do you prefer the looks of the days gone by when it comes to fashion? Do you have a soft spot for retro red lipstick and art deco designs? A glittering vintage-inspired sparkler is your ideal style, featuring delicate intricacies of fine jewellery design and maximising the enhancement of your chosen stone. 


If you are you drawn to stunning statement necklaces, glittering cocktail rings and shimmering chandelier earrings, then dazzling and dramatic diamonds really are your best friend. Surrounding your centre diamond with a halo of supporting diamonds doesn’t only add that extra sparkle but is a beautiful way to augment the diamond size and appearance. 

Planning on popping the question? Or simply looking to find out what your engagement ring style is? Check out ROX’s find your perfect ring tool – just answer a few simple questions to narrow down your ideal engagement ring choices. 

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