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Inches / cm

In the UK, most photography labs show their print sizes in inches. Being from Germany, I found this very strange at first, but after years working in the industry I have gotten used to it and the normal inch-sized prints make sense to me. I have provided a little chart which gives the correct sizes of the typical print sizes in centimetres (middle column) as well as the nearest equivalent metric print sizes for easy measuring at home.

Common photo print sizes in inches

Photo print sizes in centimetres

Similar metric print sizes


17.78 x 12.7

18 x 13 cm


20.32 x 15.24

20 x 15 cm


25.4 x 17.78

25 x 18 cm


25.4 x 20.32

25 x 20 cm


30.48 x 20.32

30 x 20 cm


30.48 x 25.4

30 x 25 cm


35.56 x 25.4

35 x 25 cm


38.1 x 25.4

40 x 25 cm


40.64 x 30.48

40 x 30 cm


45.72 x 25.4

45 x 25 cm


45.72 x 30.48

45 x 30 cm


50.8 x 30.48

50 x 30 cm


50.8 x 35.56

50 x 35 cm


50.8 x 40.64

50 x 40 cm


60.96 x 45.72

60 x 45 cm


60.96 x 50.8

60 x 50 cm


76.2 x 50.8

75 x 50 cm


76.2 x 60.96

75 x 60 cm


91.44 x 60.96

90 x 60 cm


101.6 x 76.2

100 x 75 cm

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