The Mansfield Traquair Transformation

Mansfield Traquair is a fantastic wedding venue in the centre of Edinburgh. It used to be a church, but it is now mainly used for corporate functions and weddings. The architecture is amazing, and the colours inside from the stained glass windows and also the amazing murals on the walls add to the captivating atmosphere.

Once the hall is decorated, the lights are on, the venue really reveals its magic!

In June last year, I had the idea to show the venue being transformed from totally empty floor to fully decorated wedding. Heritage Portfolio, who run the events in Mansfield, loved the idea and with the permission of the clients, we were allowed to take photographs of 3 wedding setups – on 3 consecutive days in September 2016.

With the help of my partner Mo, who helped create the time-lapse video of the 3 settings, the video showcases this amazing place in Edinburgh.

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