The Cow Shed, Crail

When Belinda and Mike contacted me about their wedding at the Cow Shed in Crail, I was really looking forward to a rural wedding! The Cow Shed in Crail is an old farm with many different stables and rooms that has been converted to be a venue for private and corporate events. Approaching the venue via the old long farm road, it is surrounded by fields as far as you can see, and in the distance you can see the North Sea too.

There is a big carpark and then you can find your way into the venue via the lovely old sign posts, walking along the gravel and marvelling at the old stone work, lovingly decorated with a very nice light chain, which I was looking forward to seeing lit up in the evening! #photographersdream

After 20 minutes circling the address Belinda gave me of the cottages where she and the girls were getting ready, I finally arrived there to take photos of the hustle and bustle on the wedding morning. The guys were just next door, staying out of sight from the girls, but easy for me to take a few photos on this sunny morning.

The Cow Shed was just a stone's throw away from the cottages. Belinda arrived in style! She organised horse and cart for her, her dad and the girls.

The guests were eagerly awaiting the bride and a few stepped out of the ceremony room to see her arrive.

The couple have this gorgeous cute dog which was part of all the celebrations and watched carefully as mummy and daddy exchanged their vows, their rings and a romantic kiss. He high-fifed Mike after the ceremony!!

After the humanist ceremony, the guests were looked after by Wild Rover Food catering who really know how to provide mouth-watering delights.

Before the ceremony, I met this lovely girl - Harriet Riddell - who was setting up a sewing machine, and there was a bike, and an old suit case and I was wondering what that was all about! Harriet is a performing artist who creates a piece of art on her sewing machine which is powered by the bike! So the guests are invited to pedal to provide power for the sewing machine. Harriet watches what is going on and creates a stunning piece of art with different elements of the wedding day. Check out Harriet's Instagram page to see what she's been up to.

The lovely stable setting made for great photographs, and I was wondering why every other chair had a brown piece of cloth over them! Once everyone was seated, the Wild Rover manager announced that they always make the dinner inclusive, so that the people can get to know each other. Everyone who found the brown cloth on their chair - this turned out to be an apron - and those people now became waiters for their table! It was all sharing food, provided on trays and bread in paper bags! What great fun to watch as the guests were serving their own food! 

After the speeches, Belinda and Mike had to decide which cake to cut: cheese or wedding cake! But they opted for the wedding cake and the cheese was devoured and enjoyed quickly by the guests.

What a great venue with so much variety and charm! I am already looking forward to getting back there hopefully soon!

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