Secret Edinburgh Proposal

John contacted me a few months ago and told me about his secret plans about proposing to his long-term girlfriend Taylor... There was quite a team of secret agents to make sure it went OK on the day.

As I arrived, it was cold and snowing heavily and I thought this is the most perfect way to propose, a romantic white-out city of Edinburgh in the background, and John going down on one knee. It was absolutely dreamy watching the snow flakes covering everything in soft white and people enjoying themselves on Calton Hill. John had sent me an email with details about his clothes so I knew what to look out for. He actually came close to me and we exchanged a glance when Taylor was taking in the view over Edinburgh. We both nodded, and then the two of them made their way to the agreed location. A few tourists were still mingling about, but after a few minutes, it was the perfect time. John went down on one knee and ask the most important question.

I had wobbly knees because I knew I had to get these shots. The snow was falling so heavily, it was just the most romantic scene.

After a few minutes of Taylor admiring her ring, John revealed me and I was sliding down the hill towards them. It is just amazing to be part of the joy the two of them felt at that time. We spent another 20 minutes or so catching snow flakes and taking photographs around the area and enjoying the view.

The couple then spent another view days in Edinburgh before heading back to Boston, US.

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