Wedding in Tuscany

What an amazing time photographing the wedding of this lovely couple in Italy. Lindsay and Ross are from Scotland and have been a couple for quite some time. They both love the Italian countryside and when they were looking for wedding venues, they fell in love with Il Casale de Marchese in Sinalunga, in the heart of Tuscany. Jan Luca, the manager couldn't have been more helpful organising their wedding.

Il Casale del Marchese is set in its large private grounds, overlooking the amazing countryside. It has several bedrooms which meant a lot of the close family could stay at the venue. The couple and the family spent a week in Italy and after 4 days in the sun, the wedding took place on Wednesday, 16 August 2017. Initially, the ceremony was planned for 2 pm, similar to the UK, but the hot summer sun at the end of a heatwave made the decision easy to postpone til 5.30 pm.

It was still hot, but all the guests could enjoy a relaxing day in the glorious sunshine by the pool. It was still well over 30 degrees when Lindsay walked down the aisle. The ceremony was conducted by a lovely Italian lady, and one of their nephews gave a really funny speech during the ceremony which I saw him rehearse all day.

We flew out to Italy on Saturday and had a few days in the Italian sun before the wedding. We explored the countryside and we totally fell in love with Tuscany. Wherever you look you just want to stop and take photos. We found this amazing restaurant we went to a few times for proper Italian pizza too!

The day before the wedding, I was on a mission. The main things people associate with Tuscany are the big sunflower fields, the vineyards, the huge olive groves, and most importantly the iconic cypress trees which line the roads to the farms on top of the hills.

I knew I didn't have much time after the ceremony, but Lindsay and Ross were only too happy to include the iconic Tuscan countryside in their wedding photographs. So the day before we researched the area for the whole day. I needed to find sunflowers which were still alive and not wilted yet, an olive grove, cypress trees, and vineyards, all within a 15 min drive from the venue. We looked at satellite images on Google maps, and drove down country roads, but we made it. We left the reception and were back exactly 1 hour later, having photographed the couple in all these locations. What fun we had in this tiny Fiesta, chasing over country roads and leaving a huge dust cloud behind us.

Once we were back, it was almost time for dinner, which was set outside, near the bigger pool in the estate. It just looked breathtakingly beautiful. The lights, and the reflections in the pool all added to the atmosphere.

This wedding will give not only Ross & Lindsay and all their family and friends fond memories, but also for us it was a week to remember: the week we fell in love with Tuscany!

Scroll down to see a few images of the Tuscan countryside!

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