A secret elopement to Scotland

This lovely couple contacted me a few weeks ago when they were looking for a photographer for their wedding in Edinburgh. They were clear in letting me know it was only them and their 1-year-old daughter, and no-one else. They wanted to elope to Edinburgh, and get married secretly. 

They told me it was quite hard keeping it a secret for so long, and not letting on what they were up to this week. 

Imagine - having a family lunch with the family, and when they casually ask if anything is happening in the coming week and you say "no, just lots of work"... this must be quite hard!! Only hours later, they boarded a plane for Edinburgh!

They arrived in Scotland on Sunday evening, and the wedding took place on Wednesday late afternoon at the City Chambers on the Royal Mile. They were joined by their cute little daughter too and because they required witnesses, I was honoured when they asked me to one of their witnesses. 

This was my first wedding in the City Chambers and I must say I was quite impressed by their setup. The registrar Leila showed me the rooms which are very tastefully decorated and the waiting area is very cosy too. 

After a short ceremony, we left the City Chambers with our trusted cute white Edinburgh City Cab. We had a route mapped out for taking photographs around Edinburgh. Have a look below to see what we've been up to!

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