Top 9 Styling Tips For The Groom

November 2021

Getting married is an important marker in a person’s life. So, it’s important to make sure that everything is picture-perfect, especially because people will be taking a lot of photos. Hence, the couple to be married should look their best.

Usually, your bridal style can easily be put together because there are all kinds of choices, gowns, dresses, and even suits available for purchase. And on the internet alone, there are numerous photos and inspirations for women’s wedding styles.

For grooms, however, there might be fewer tips and tricks on how to style their entire look. To make things easier, here are some helpful ways any groom could look stylish on their big day:

1. Accessorize Thoughtfully

Accessories are one of the best ways a groom could add a bit more pizzaz to their outfit. Usually, a watch, cufflinks, bow or neckties, and groom boutonnieres can transform a plain old suit into something more special.

groom boutonnieres

2. Consider The Wedding Location

The first thing to consider about what you plan to wear is the location. This is because the weather and surroundings can make a difference in how comfortable you can be in certain outfits. For example, if you plan to get married in a warm place, wearing thick and non-breathable fabrics will be a horrible idea. So, before you decide to shop for what to wear on your big day, make sure you get the location and season.

3. Match With Your Partner Well

As a couple, it’s a good idea to make sure that your outfit and the themes match well. And this is something that you could match with the entourage, too. For example, if the entourage uses pink as their colour theme, you could use some pink pops of colour here and there just to make the entire wedding look well-curated. This will translate fantastically in photos and will be fun to look at even years after.

match your outfit and themes

4. Get It Tailored

Once you’ve found the right suit or outfit, it’s important to get it tailored to fit perfectly. Even if you buy the most expensive suit, it might not fit well if it isn’t tailored. The shoulders might droop, sleeves might be too long, or it could just be entirely ill-fitting. Get it tailored to fit you so it can be more flattering to your build.

5. Invest In A Good Pair Of Shoes

The right pair of shoes can make or break any outfit. Sometimes, grooms might want to experiment with their footwear by mixing casual with formal. However, this can be tricky if you aren’t too familiar with how to match shoes with clothes. Instead, it might be a good idea to stick with a classic pair of formal shoes in either black or brown.

6. Properly Groom Your Hair And Beard

During the wedding, a lot of photos will be taken, so it’s important to ensure that your beard and hair are properly groomed, too. Going to the barber’s and getting a proper haircut a few days before your wedding will help make you look even more put together. In contrast, letting your hair and beard go completely unmaintained will make you look sloppy even if your outfit is sharp.

7. Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment

If you’re willing to try more experimental looks, then this might be a great opportunity to come up with a look that’s unique and expressive. Some fabrics and patterns that aren’t usually used on formal occasions might make your look even more exciting.

However, it’s a good idea to do this long before your wedding so you can ensure that the outfit can look perfect. Furthermore, you might have to bring in a friend, family, or a stylist to give their opinion on whether the outfit works or not.

8. Stick To Fabrics That Don’t Wrinkle Easily

During weddings, you’ll want to make sure that your clothes don’t look wrinkled. And this can be a problem because you’ll probably be sitting for long periods. To make sure you don’t end up with crumpled-up shirt, blazer, or trousers, look for fabrics that don’t easily wrinkle. Find the ones with more integrity so they can resist wrinkling.

9. Pick Colours That Match Your Complexion

While people are allowed to wear whatever colour they want, there’s a theory as to what kind of colour would suit certain skin tones. For cool-toned skin, blues and pinks will look great. However, for warmer skin tones, sticking to warm colours will be a safer choice.


While preparing everything for your coming wedding, don’t forget to take the time to come up with a groom’s outfit that’ll suit you. Because you’ll be looking back at these photos, you wouldn’t want to feel embarrassed about your outfit of choice. Therefore, make sure to choose good fabrics, appropriate for the area and the weather, and also get it tailored to fit you properly.

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