Planning an Outdoor Wedding

September 2020


As a wedding photographer I shoot all kinds of special days - from elopements to grand extravaganzas. Taking inspiration from this guide to planning an outdoor wedding, here’s my top tips as a photographer for planning your big day outside.
Planning an outdoor wedding
Planning an outdoor wedding

1. Don’t worry too much about the weather!

The only predictable thing you can say about Scotland's weather is that it is unpredictable - rain, wind, snow and even hail could interrupt your wedding, but my tip is to carry on regardless.

If the weather does interrupt your outdoor wedding, don’t worry, I always provide beautiful white umbrellas, will have scouted out your venue for more sheltered spots, and carry lights in case we need them to brighten things up. Why not have some wellies ready in case it does rain - for fun images!

If the forecast is poor for your outdoor wedding day, we can do a pre-shoot to test out the shots in advance.

Current rules for outdoor weddings in the UK, Planning an outdoor wedding
Current rules for outdoor weddings in the UK

2. Think about your backdrops when looking for your venue

Did you know that If you’re getting married in Scotland, you can get married anywhere if the ceremony is conducted by a religious official, registrar or humanist celebrant?

However, If you do want to get married outdoors you will need to think carefully about where you choose.

You will need a variety of locations for shots so choose a location with a great view, or has a romantic ruin. Why not get married in the grounds of a grand mansion or even up Edinburgh’s Arthur’s Seat or Calton Hill.

Make sure you choose somewhere which means something to both of you - hillwalkers? Why not get married up a Munro mountain? Explore Scotland’s vast array of wedding venues on VisitScotland.

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, why not get in touch to discuss?

Choosing your venue, Planning an outdoor wedding
Choosing your venue
Outdoor wedding essentials, Planning an outdoor wedding
Outdoor wedding essentials

Dealing with adverse weather, Planning an outdoor wedding
Dealing with adverse weather

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