5 Tips to get you started for your wedding abroad

June 2020


Planning a wedding can be quite stressful, however, that doesn’t mean that it has to be that way all the time. Being organized can be life-saving, which is why it’s necessary to start planning on time, in order to avoid anxiety and stress.

Destination weddings have always been popular among certain crowds, but recently, more and more people are opting to exchange their vows away from home. Therefore, if you’ve been thinking about traveling abroad to get hitched, or you’ve already decided to make that happen, here are some tips that will be of great help.

Tuscany - a fabulous destination for your wedding

1. Decide on a destination, of course

Before you start sending invitations and planning your wedding attire, it’s essential to pick a destination that works for everyone involved. Even though exotic locations such as the Maldives and Caribbean sound tempting, you should keep in mind that jet lag and duration of your trip can cause some people to be tired and/or groggy, hence, maybe it’s better to choose a location that’s closer to your home. If possible, make sure to visit in advance so you’ll know what to expect prior to your wedding reception.

2. Don’t forget to do the paperwork

Not all countries have the same marriage requirements, so it’s of utmost importance to check everything in advance. You can contact the foreign embassy and ask them directly, or check out the official website for tourists, as chances are, they’ll have some information that you might find useful. Additionally, set some money aside in case there are any hidden fees such as visa costs, because that can consume a huge chunk of your finances so it’s always better to be prepared.

3. Work within your budget

Choosing a dress, booking a venue and organizing menus are probably the most common wedding costs out there, but when it comes to destination weddings, you need to consider some extra costs such as airfare and accommodation. Before you start making more plans, be sure to decide on a budget, because your budget will directly influence your guest list and everything else. If you can’t afford to go to a resort, you can always consider sprucing up affordable camping tents and using them instead of booking a luxurious venue or a hotel. Being creative will help you a lot, especially if you generally love coming up with fresh ideas.

Make sure to include the countryside of your destination in your images.

4. If you’re too busy, hire a wedding planner

Hiring a professional to take care of everything might be pricey, but you’ll be surprised how efficient some of these people are. So, if you’re too busy to check out venues and best traveling arrangements, then choosing a wedding planner to do it instead of you can be of tremendous help, especially if it’s someone who’s fluent in a local language or knows the local customs.

5. Be sure to notify your guests

This step is crucial since probably many among your guests have their own plans and priorities so if you want everything to be smooth, you shouldn’t fail to notify them in advance. That way they’ll be able to organize their own time, so there won’t be any surprises that will jeopardize your special day. Also, some people might struggle financially, so giving them a proper heads-up will surely help them find the best flight deals and accommodation. Aside from that, knowing the exact number of guests might help you get a discount or special arrangement when booking a hotel or a venue.

Summer evening wedding outside under the stars

Final thoughts

A destination wedding is a perfect way to say “I do” and visit an exciting new place at the same time. Nonetheless, it’s absolutely important to start planning on time and always aim to spend according to your budget, because that will help you organize everything without stressing yourself too much. Finally, remember to have realistic expectations, because that will help you relax and focus on yourself and the one you love because that’s what truly matters in the end.

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