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Wedding photography permit for Edinburgh parks

Are you getting married in Edinburgh City Centre, and if your venue does not offer private gardens, you might want to consider the Edinburgh parks for your wedding photographs, such as Princess Street Gardens, or only a little taxi ride away - Calton Hill. But you need to request permission from the Edinburgh Parks Authority well in advance, so you are not disappointed on the day.

You may want to consider a few things:

Access to the park

Calton Hill, for example, has a road that allows pre-booked cars / transport to access Calton Hill on a certain date, for a certain time slot. There may be an event happening on your wedding day which makes things a bit more difficult. If you want to walk up - think about high heels etc.

Photography Permit

A permit? You might wonder? Anyone can go into any park in Edinburgh? Or walk up Calton Hill and take photographs?? Why would I need a permit? Edinburgh City Council have kindly provided useful information on their website for people seeking permission to film and/or take photographs in and around Edinburgh’s streets and parks. So basically, currently - at the time of writing this - the suggested donation is £50.

Edinburgh City Council - Photography Permit

From the Edinburgh City Council website: "For permission to use parks and green spaces including Calton Hill, complete our application form (PDF, 195 KB). As a rule, at least 24 hours notice is required. In some cases, more notice will be essential."

Edinburgh Castle Filming and Photography

Paul Spence / Edinburgh Castle Contact Page
Tel: +44 (0)131 668 8731

Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh

The Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh have their own policy too. Here’s a little screenshot with a link to their website too.

Royal Botanic Gardens Website

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