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Best Wedding Photographers in Edinburgh

Published 3 Oct 2017

You are only one Google query away from entering "Best Wedding Photographers in Edinburgh", so I might as well help you on your search and let you know who I think are the top Edinburgh wedding photographers.

  • First Light Weddings is run by Ditte, a lovely Danish lady who is based in Edinburgh. Ditte specialises weddings, portraits and commercial photography.
  • Blue Skye Photography - Alie and Niels are a lovely husband-and-wife photographer team, who also work with Sarah, another experienced photographer, and they are based in Edinburgh. They specialise in baby photography, portrait photography, wedding photography and commercial work.
  • Ryan White Photography is run by Ryan and Lina, who are based in Edinburgh, and specialise mainly in wedding photography.
  • Derek Christie Photography, based in Edinburgh, specialises mainly in wedding photography.

It is hard to decide on a wedding photographer. I know for our own wedding next year, we have chosen a very experienced photographer whose style we both love, and who can produce amazing photographs in any weather situation.

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Who is Nadin Dunnigan

Nadin Dunnigan is a wedding photographer in Edinburgh, specialising in wedding photography in Edinburgh, Scotland, and internationally. With experience of photographing hundreds of weddings in Scotland, Germany, and Italy, you can rest assured that your wedding photographs will look stylish, and will look and remain elegant for years to come.

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