Yvonne and Kenny in March 2009

We have seen quite a few weddings, but this had to be by far the most relaxed one! Yvonne and the girls got ready in an amazing room in the hotel in Haddington and had lots of fun. Yvonne received a romantic bouquet of flowers from Kenny on the morning of the wedding. Everything was such a slow pace but when it came to going down the stairs and walking down the aisle, the laid-back morning was forgotten: Yvonne flew down the stairs and ran down the aisle to say “I do”.

Even during the ceremony, Yvonne and Kenny managed to amuse their friends and family.

We will be seeing Yvonne again soon when we arrange a “Treasure the dress” photography session. Yvonne will be wearing her dress again and we will find a suitable venue to take some more stunning photographs.