The photographs I personally treasure most are the ones with my parents and my brother, doing the stuff we were doing, as a family. They bring back the real memories. The below images are from a family session I did on the Isle of Harris, at Luskentyre. The family stay at Luskentyre and the gorgeous beach is just outside their front door. The boys – 2 and 4 years young – had so much fun!

Congratulations to Ashleigh and Craig who exchanged their vows at the Glasgow University Chapel in April this year.

We came home with so many photographs, probably a record for us, but there was simply so much to photograph, it was such a relaxed wedding, and we had lots of time for different things on the day. The staff at Cameron House were brilliant too, and helped a lot on the day.

I know what it’s like being a foreigner in a strange country and I have had some amazing experiences in the past where people showed me their country.

So it was time giving back some of that to this lovely student. I showed her some around Edinburgh and at the same time, I took photographs of Lollia.

Secret lighting assistant, The Stig, helped out too and we had a great time. I am glad I could give Lollia some additional memories of Scotland – and a handful of photographs.

Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Victoria Mallon from Edinburgh asked me recently to take some photographs for her portfolio. The two models – teenage brother and sister Carmen and Lukas – are used to being in front of the camera. The session was planned for a Saturday in February, a rainy and stormy winter’s day, so we decided to take the photos at their home. Secret lighting technician, the Stig, was with me, and we created some amazing images.

Let’s create “organic” images, “free-range”, “raw” photographs – of families where family happens, at home, or in the park. What makes you tick, what do you enjoy doing, what is your favourite thing at this moment in time. So when I took photos of little Freya – a confident 3-year old – I found out that she absolutely loves cupcakes…, she loves being a princess and dressing up and has a big cupboard full of dresses. Mummy and Freya love reading books, or “playing shoeshop”. And when daddy appears, crazy stuff happens…

We have photographed a lot of weddings over the past 10 years, so we know when time gets tight, so this little guide can help you foresee a few things on your wedding day and make it more relaxed and enjoyable.

Ashleigh lives just around the corner of Giffnock’s (Glasgow) amazing park, and this is also the place where Craig asked the question, so it was only the best choice to go there for the pre-wedding photo session. What an amazing day, it was crisp, but sunny and Ashleigh and Craig are a giggly couple and a delight to photograph.

Nice to see you :)

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