Let us capture the significant moments on your wedding day. We do understand that each wedding really is unique, but find out what we do during a typical wedding day.

We – that’s Nadin and her partner Mo – are experienced and highly regarded professional photographers. We especially enjoy creating images that capture significant moments in our clients’ lives. Capturing intimate, romantic or reflective moments on your wedding day.

Let’s create beautiful images of your wedding for you both to treasure for years to come.We only take you away from your guests for a very short time, everything else is reportage / documentary style.

Our clients often comment on our relaxed and professional approach during the time we spend together. We hear the comment over and over again: We didn’t even notice you were there, taking all these amazing photographs! We blend into the background, and capture the little moments as they happen.


The wedding really starts in the morning, with all the buzz in the Bridal Suite! The girls having a glass of bubbly and getting pampered in preparation for the big day.

On the wedding morning, Nadin often joins in with the bridal preparations. There are so many photo opportunities here, including hair styling, applying make-up, and then the main event – putting on the wedding gown.

Nadin captures the fun and excitement, the occasional tear, and the happy moments of the bridal party during this time.

Nadin has been with brides in the morning so often, that we have now put together a little bit of information on how to have a most relaxing wedding morning! Have a look at our Blog post:

Top 10 Tips for a Relaxing Wedding Morning!


While the Groom is putting on his kilt, and tries to figure out how to put on the bow tie, Mo takes photographs of the guys getting ready, or rehearsing (or writing…) their speeches.

Mo takes images of the groom and his entourage as they get ready for the wedding ceremony. This is an ideal time to take reportage or documentary style photographs, as he quietly photographs the activities as they happen. Sometimes we can help out, such as ‘how do you wear a kilt’, for grooms choosing traditional Scottish dress.


We like to cover different angles of your wedding ceremony: Nadin is usually at the front with the couple, capturing intimate moments between Bride & Groom, while Mo takes photographs from the back of the ceremony room.

As a courtesy, we always prefer to check with the person conducting the ceremony that they are happy with us taking photographs during it.

Unless it is absolutely necessary, we will avoid using flash during the ceremony.

We find this can be distracting, we don’t even want you and your family and friends to notice that we are in the ceremony room.


After the ceremony, enjoy the congratulations from your family and friends, and we quietly watch and take photographs of your precious moments.

Once you step outside of the church (or ceremony room), you will be showered with good wishes (and possibly confetti!) and congratulations from family and friends. This is a great time for us to look for those informal, natural and often emotional moments between the guests and the new Mr. and Mrs. We always recommend to have a good amount of time between the end of the ceremony and call for the guests to enter the room where the wedding breakfast is served. This gives you more time to chat to your family and friends and enjoy their company, and most importantly don’t feel rushed.


Family photographs – a thing of the past? You might not be keen on line-ups, and they can certainly take some time, but a small number of group photos are OK – to keep the parents and grandparents happy.

Some wedding clients ask for some relatively formal group photographs to be taken around this time. We will already have discussed prior to the wedding the best way in which to take these photographs.

We realise that the immediate wedding party are there to enjoy themselves and to chat with friends and family they may not have seen for some time, so we do like to work quickly and efficiently at this time.


Once you have had some time with your family and friends, and enjoyed a glass of champagne, we will spend a little bit of time just with you – the Bride and Groom – to create some truly amazing photographs. We keep this time as short as possible, so you have more time to enjoy the party!

As you will see from examples of our bride and groom photographs, we ask for a little bit of time to create photographs of you during your first minutes as husband and wife. These pictures can feature strongly in your wedding album, as you see from our example albums. As well as capturing these private moments between the couple, we guide you into natural looking, relaxed poses with which you are comfortable, and which allow you to look your best.

And because you will have benefited from the pre-wedding photography session a few months before the wedding, this will all feel very natural to you and you will know exactly what happens.


The wedding speeches – a perfect opportunity for telling a story of the emotions on the day. Everybody is relaxed and completely unaware of having their photograph taken!

These photographs are very much in the reportage / documentary style.

Many weddings have speeches before the wedding breakfast, and yes, we’re there, watching out for the reactions, tears and laughter shown at this time.

We are always surprised about how many of these photographs are picked for the wedding album.

People are completely unaware of being photographed, and everybody is relaxing before dinner, enjoying the speeches.


The wedding cake is often a central point at a wedding reception. You will probably have spent lots of time selecting your perfect cake!

Often the newly weds will have a traditional cake cutting ceremony. Only in recent years, the cake cutting has been moved back – in to the evening. Years ago, there was a “fake cutting” before dinner, so that the photographer could get a photograph before they left.

We normally stay until the first dance, so the cake cutting can take place just before the first dance is announced. Is your wedding cake a traditional one? Or anything but – cup cake and sword anyone? In any case, we can be there to photograph it. We don’t watch the time, so you don’t feel rushed on your day. We will be there for the key moments and anything in between.


To tell the full story of your wedding day, it’s nice to take a few photographs during the first few dances, and maybe a bit later, during fireworks?

Our clients’ last request is often for us to photograph their first dance as a married couple. We have also stayed around for a few more photo opportunities, even on occasionally for a firework display.


What would you like for your wedding?

We hope this has given you a little bit of insight into how we work. Of course, for you, it is ultimately all about your wedding, and we are very happy to listen to what you would like us to do for your wedding day. Give us a call – and let us know about your plans and how we can fit it.

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