Trash the dress in Edinburgh?

Trash the dress in Edinburgh?? No! TREASURE the dress!

How it all began… Yvonne and Kenny were married in March 2009! Over 3 years ago!! We immediately asked Yvonne, if she was interested in a photo session after her wedding – where she could dress up in her dress again and be a bride all over again. Yvonne loved the idea, but somehow life got in the way, a stupid accident and then 3 and a bit years later, we finally put a date into our diaries… the 24th June 2012!!

So we arranged for Tracy, my friend who is a makeup and hair “goddess”, based in South Queensferry, to look after Yvonne and beautify her for the new bridal photo session. We spent an afternoon giggling (mainly about 50 Shades of Grey!!!) and the whole situation in general. Mark was looking after baby Emily (who is standing up!! – days away from walking!!).

We arranged to take the photographs at Bo’ness train station. We arrived there late afternoon when all the visitors had left, so we had the platform to ourselves. We had so much fun, and Yvonne was up to all sort of nonsense 🙂 not worrying too much about her dress. We didn’t want to trash it, but we got it well mucky!!

Here are just a few photos 🙂