Top 10 tips for a relaxing wedding morning for the bride

Top 10 tips for a relaxing wedding morning for the bride

You have been preparing for your wedding day for months – maybe years even – and it’s finally here. Here are some tips on how to stay relaxed prior to the celebrations.

1. Have breakfast!

If you get ready at home, please make sure you have delegated breakfast-making-duties to someone who can make a decent cup of tea or coffee. Even though you may feel nervous now, make sure you have breakfast in the morning, with your best friend, or your family, BEFORE any make up is applied or the hairdresser starts playing with your hair! And make sure it’s a proper breakfast – not just a bite of toast!

2. Breakfast Two

After a while, have another breakfast
. This is the breakfast you should have BEFORE you have your makeup finalised, and BEFORE you put your dress on. Make sure you have something a little more substantial. Again, just a bite of toast doesn’t count!

Why? If your ceremony is at 2 pm, chances are your champagne reception will be around 3 pm. And guess who is having all the nibbles and canapes? Your guests! Why? Because you are too busy receiving congratulations and hugs and kisses and talking to everyone.

Assume that your “wedding breakfast” is around 5pm, with the orders taken after the speeches. So food won’t be served before 5.30 – 6 pm, by which time you would be more than peckish if you hadn’t had breakfasts ONE and TWO 😉

3. Hairdressers and make-up people – bring them to you.

Please please please, for your own sanity, ask them to come to your home or hotel room where you get ready. If you have to organise travel to and from hair dressers and beautician, this may add quite a bit of stress to your wedding morning. If nothing else, it will add time to your own to-do list on the morning. I have seen hectic mornings where the bride had to be driven to a hairdresser in a different town, then it turned out that some of the staff were off sick, and I ended up chauffeuring the bride home because it was all too much. So if you can avoid it, don’t leave the house or hotel room in the morning until you are about to leave for the ceremony. The most relaxed brides are the ones that don’t take off their pyjamas until they put their dress on!

4. Champagne.

It’s wonderful stuff, but only have it after you have followed the breakfast ONE and TWO rules 🙂

5. Consider getting a trusted make-up artist.

Even if you are experienced in putting on your own make-up, please arrange an experienced wedding make-up artist who will come to you on your wedding morning. They will know exactly how long the make-up will take, taking into account all the people who have asked to be “beautified” – for example, bride, bridesmaids, flower girls, mum of bride. Wedding make-up is slightly different to your own day-to-day make-up. Just recently, one of our brides found it difficult to let go when it came to her wedding make-up, but she trusted her make-up artist and she looked beautiful. Make-up means a lot to her in her daily life, so this was a touchy subject which made her feel nervous. However, because she had had a trial before the wedding, she knew what to expect and she was a stunning bride!

During a make-up trial, you will learn about different options and you can let the make-up artist know what your make-up normally looks like and what you expect on the wedding day. Wedding make-up tends to be a bit heavier than your normal one. An experienced make-up artist will know how to bring out the beauty in a bride with make-up that is great for photographs, and most importantly, make-up that lasts throughout the day. Some brides have the same make-up artist come along in the evening again, just after dinner, to touch up a little.

6. Hair-Styling.

Make sure you have a hair trial a few months before your wedding. This gives you plenty of time to discuss with your hairdresser what you would like your hair to to look like on your wedding day. I had my first hair trial 3 months before the wedding and I am glad I did. I did not like the first attempt and decided to find myself a different hairdresser. To this date, I am still one of their most loyal customers, and I love everything they do!

7. The dress: how to put it on?

First things first: go to the toilet one last time before you put your wedding dress on 🙂

When you go dress shopping, you normally turn up in jeans and T-shirt, no special make-up or hair-do. You try on several dresses until you have found THE ONE. You might even buy your dress many months, if not more than a year before your wedding. I recently went dress-shopping for my best friend’s wedding, and every dress she tried on, she went in head first. On your wedding day, your hair will be all done up, and if you have a veil, it will be in your hair by that time. Now imagine pulling a (mostly!) tight dress over your head! I have seen a lot of brides in distress simply because they didn’t know any different. Then they realised that they can step into the dress and pull it up. Even if your dress has an underskirt, you can put on the underskirt after you have stepped into the dress! Shoes are last by the way! Your mum or your bridesmaid can help you put your shoes on!

8. Doing up your dress.

Some dresses have buttons at the back, others have a zip, and others come with laces that needs to be fastened. On more than a few occasions, I (the photographer!) have been the one who laced up the bride’s dress, as no-one else really knew how to do it!

Please speak with your wedding dress supplier at your final fitting, and take the person with you who will be with you on the morning of your wedding. The dress sales staff will be able to show that person how to fasten the dress just perfectly so that it looks stunning!

9. Photographs before you leave.

If your photographer is with you in the morning, plan a little bit of time for photographs to be taken before you leave for the ceremony. It’s always lovely to have a few photographs of the excitement leading up to the ceremony and have a photograph with your dearest family and friends just before you leave. Any photographer will be able to take these photographs quickly, but you still need to plan a few minutes for them.

10. Before entering the ceremony room.

Delegate the duties of the last dress check to one of your bridesmaids. Is the veil sitting ok? Is the train laid out properly? Is your bridal bouquet all prepared?

Now take a deep breath and walk down that aisle… and relax…