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I like a challenge, especially when I hear things like this:

  • “I don’t like my picture taken!”
  • “I have never seen a good photo of myself.”
  • “I haven’t met anyone who can take a good photo of me.”
  • “I always look horrible in photos.”
  • “My nose is always weird in photos.”
  • “I don’t like xxxx {fill in as appropriate} on me, and therefore all photos look horrible.”

I think knowing you are going to have your photo taken is like knowing you are going to see your dentist next week. You know you have to get through with it, because it’s good for you, but you are not exactly looking forward to it! I think one of the main essentials for having a good photograph taken of yourself is that you like your dentist, oops, sorry, your photographer!! You need to get on with him/her, they need to be able to make you feel at ease and they need to know what it’s like to be in front of the camera… That’s why I subject myself regularly to be photographed even though I have exactly that same feeling… not the dentist AGAIN!!!

Anyway, rambling on! My friend was visiting from Germany and I was given a selection (tick as appropriate!) of excuses why she never takes a good photograph. I absolutely LOVE taking photos of people in general – any age really, but in particular “mature” women. It is not about showing who you are NOT – by putting on tons of make-up and having your hair styled to the n’th degree… It’s about who you are 🙂 I absolute love these images of my friend and so does she… So any of the above excuses… BIN THEM.