Family and Children – Real Life Portraits

I have been pondering this for quite a while – until I finally came up with a proper name for this! When I take photos of people, families, children, I try to take “real-life” portraits. I used to have a studio, and ultimately, portraits on a white background are simply that… a person on a white background. I found it really hard to create “real” portraits within this environment. Children were hyped up with music, encouraged to jump around, it’s simply not real!

What I would like to produce is portraits children and families as they are. Children are sometimes lost in their own little world, discovering their surroundings – which make for magic photo opportunities! And for family photos I love to show the family unit, together, doing things they normally do. Portraying their real life, in real situations. When I join a family on a day out, children can explore the surroundings naturally, they can become engrossed with a flower, or simply have some “dream time”, sitting on a tree stump.

Sometimes I create little scenes, but I would use things from their lives, that makes the family remember this particular time in their lives. When I look back at my own family photos, I remember the things in them, what I used to do, where I used to go. Down to the little river, watching the fish and throwing pebbles in the water, getting wet. Running across the field, or gowing for a walk with our dog.

Have your own memory – captured by me. Let me join you, and come up with an amazing selection of photos that make you remember this special time in your life!

See for yourself 😉