Mansfield Traquair Wedding Photographs

Mansfield Traquair Edinburgh

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Heritage Portfolio at Mansfield Traquair
15 Mansfield Place

Mansfield Traquair is an amazing venue not far from York Place / Broughton Street in Edinburgh. If you are looking for a wedding in one of the grandest places in Edinburgh and you really want to put your personal touch on everything – this is the place for your big day. Heritage Portfolio are an amazing company to have as your event organiser and you won’t be disappointed when it comes to dinner time! I haven’t tasted anything they have prepared that wasn’t absolutely delicious!!

The venue is great for photographs too. They have a little private garden behind the venue which is ideal for some romantic photographs and also in front of the venue – the ground is covered in ivy – which makes for lovely pictures in the centre of Edinburgh – with a “green feel” to it.

There are a few photos below from recent weddings at Mansfield Traquair.