Frequently asked questions

  1. How much do you charge for family photography in Edinburgh? –> We have different packages available for different needs. You can have a Pay&Go package, where you pay for the session and then purchase individual prints, or you can have a Print Package, or a CD only package. We also offer bespoke frames, Canvas Prints and acrylic wall art.
  2. Where are the photographs taken? –> I like to take Natural Portraits, not posed white background photographs! I believe in creating natural images in a natural environment. I either meet my clients at a location which is meaningful to them, where the family often goes, such as a park or the beach. I can also come to your home and the photographs are taken in the back garden. I always prefer taking family portraits outside rather than in a setup situation with studio lights in a room. I also want to give my clients the chance to have photographs that capture lifetime family memories.
  3. How long does a session take? –> I generally only book one family portrait session per day as I can never foresee what happens. Children can get tired or hungry and we need to take a break. I don’t want to rush off to the next client when things are going well in a shoot. So time is not an issue and I don’t charge differently for different session durations. You can normally plan between 1 and 3 hours for a session.
  4. Can I buy prints only? –> Yes, this is of course possible.
  5. Can you produce canvas prints? –> We work with the best photography lab in the UK and we can provide many different photography products, ranging from little albums to large family albums, canvas prints, box frames, wooden frames.
  6. Can I buy a CD with my favourite photographs from the session? –> Of course, this is possible. We often have offers that combine a number of prints and a CD, so that you can make your own prints too.