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Family photos where family happens – at home

Family photos where family happens – at home, in your back garden, at the beach

8 years ago, I used to run a photography studio and I took lots of photographs of children with a white background. It seemed to be the in-thing then, and I can still see them around every now and then. However, I felt that when taking photos of children and families in the studio, it was too staged for me. I had to animate the kids to do something, to look in the camera, to smile etc.

When I look at my own childhood photos, I love the ones where I am pictured the way I am, doing stuff I would be doing naturally. I wasn’t a girlie-girl, but rather played outside, so photos of me in the woods is more appropriate than a stereotyped photo staged by a photographer at nursery – me holding a doll…

Anyway… That’s why I am trying to create “organic” images, “free-range”, “raw” photographs – of families where family happens, at home, or in the park. I will ask them what makes them tick, what they enjoy doing, what is their favourite thing at this moment in time.

So when I took photos of little Freya – a confident 3-year old – I found out that she absolutely loves cupcakes…, she loves being a princess and dressing up and has a big cupboard full of dresses. Mummy and Freya love reading books, or “playing shoeshop”. And when daddy appears, crazy stuff happens… And when Freya needed a rest, a cuddle with favourite teddy on the couch would do the trick.

I hope Freya will treasure these images in years to come, when she can look back at her cute little self, when she was just 3 years young.

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