Q: What if it rains?

We have photographed many weddings in Scotland and this is a constant threat and many brides worry about this. Please don’t! Enjoy the preparations of your wedding day and don’t think about the weather. We are professional photographers and we have taken photos in all sorts of different weather situations, including horizontal sleet.

First of all, if you plan an outside ceremony, your venue will have a Plan B and will decide on the day before the wedding where things will take place and if it is feasible to have an outdoor ceremony.

If it rains on the day, there will be a lot of helpers (including ourselves) at hand with lots of umbrellas. We always have quite a few white umbrellas in the car, just in case!

If it rains, we always make sure that the bride and groom do not get wet. If the venue has got extensive gardens, you can shelter under a tree and create some lovely photographs and looking at the photos, you would never know it is raining! Have a look at Holly and James’ photos at Houstoun House, there was a lot of rain…

And if, due to weather, we have to stick to taking wedding photographs inside, then we will still be able to create a stunning selection of images – see Shona and Anthony’s wedding at the Balmoral Hotel – which was a January wedding, and it was freezing outside.


Q: How many images will we receive from our wedding?

A: The exact number varies from wedding to wedding – depending on the hours of photography coverage and what is actually happening on the day. For example, during a normal church ceremony we can take a lot more photos because the ceremony is longer than a registrar ceremony. Or if the speeches are very short, then we cannot capture so many moments during that time. Our style is described as documentary / photojournalistic. This means that we simply watch what’s going on without much interference. After the wedding, I select the best photos for editing. The photos where people had their eyes shut, or someone walked into the picture, are removed. Every selected image is assessed and fine-tuned so they all look great and tell the story of your day with a consistent look across the images.

In general, you can expect to see around 400 images from your wedding day. We don’t shoot for volume. Our clients look for a story of their wedding, from the preparations until the dance. And because there are two of us, we manage to capture the day from two different angles.

Q: I am worried that the number of images in the wedding album is restricted and doesn’t show the whole day?

A: Our wedding package includes a wedding album with 80 images as standard. We looked at our client’s weddings and we realised that 40 or 50 images just cannot tell the full story. We decided we would make it easy for our clients and include 80 photographs. Our wedding albums are not restricted to 80 photographs though, some of our clients even have close to 200 photos in the album.

Q: How big is the wedding album?

Our standard wedding album is 14 inches by 10 inches. It is a high-quality coffee-table book. The album is leather-bound and the pages are 1-2 mm thick so they do not bend. The album comes in its own protective box, so when you take it to your mum’s or your best friend’s house, the album stays protected.

However, you can have a bigger album if you wish, with many more photos in it!!

Q: Can I have a smaller copy of the wedding album so I can give it to the parents?

A: Yes, of course. You can order smaller copies of your wedding album. They are 7 x 5 inches and are bound in leatherette material and have almost the same thickness of the pages as the original wedding album, so the parents receive a top quality parent album.

Q: Are there any hidden costs?

A: No! Simple answer. We treat our clients the way we want to be treated. We want to know how much things cost, what is included. What you see in your wedding package, is what is included. The price you are quoted at the time of booking will not change, even if you book 2 years ahead!

Q: My friend told me there was a lot of sales pressure during the viewing of the wedding photos or when they chose the photos after a studio session?

A: Unfortunately, we have heard this a few times. We don’t like to be pressured ourselves, so we won’t pressure our clients. If you want to buy a frame or a canvas, yes, we can offer this. But if you want to have your wedding album with 80 images – that’s absolutely fine with us. We want you to enjoy the whole experience from taking the photos until the viewing.

Q: My partner is a keen amateur photographer and wants to know what equipment you use?

A: We use professional Nikon equipment with professional lenses. We mainly use the Nikon D800 camera which is a full-frame camera with several lenses: 17-55 mm and 70-200 mm and a 50 mm fixed focal length lens.

Q: What if your camera breaks on the day?

A: We are actually equipped with 4 cameras to make sure we have backup in place should something happen.

Q: Do you shoot in colour or in black and white?

A: We take the photographs in high quality colour RAW files. When I edit the photos, I decide if an image would benefit from being altered into black and white, or if it remains in colour.

Some of our clients specifically tell us they like a lot of black and white photographs, if this is the case, I can change a lot more photos into black and white.

Q: My partner doesn’t like his photo taken, but I am really keen on the pre-wedding photo session. What do I do?

A: This is probably because of strange experiences in front of the camera in the past. Photography has moved on from the stilted, posed photos dramatically. We want our clients to feel as relaxed as possible during a photo session.

We make our sessions fun and quick, and because there’s two of us – one can concentrate on distracting the nervous part so they don’t actually realise that some great photographs are being created! The pre-wedding session is all about you and your partner, going for a walk, having a chat and enjoying a good time together. Most of our clients say that within 5-10 mins they completely forgot they were being photographed.

Q: Will I receive digital images?

A: If you book your wedding with us, you will always receive the edited photos on CD so that you can enjoy all of the images again on your own computer or iPad as often as you like. If you want to share your photos online, we can provide you with Facebook-sharable images, which are smaller files and have a watermark on them to prevent image theft by third parties. You may share the photographs online as long as the watermark remains intact. The watermark will not deface the photograph though.

Q: Can I make prints from the photos on CD? Do they have a logo on the picture?

A: Yes, the CD contains images in high resolution, so you can make your own prints should you wish to do so. The high resolution files do not have a watermark on them.