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When we planned to be married, we were looking for a simple wedding band to go with my solitaire diamond engagement ring. But I think there are changes afoot, as we do see a lot of wedding rings with diamonds nowadays. So I thought I would blog a little about it…

Diamonds play a big role in many weddings, simply because diamond engagement rings are often a major focal point. If a couple is getting married, and the bride is wearing a flashy diamond engagement ring, it is likely that the ring will be shining brightly in photographs, as well as handled and admired by multiple guests. However, getting beyond the actual engagement ring, this is one reason that having additional diamond jewellery present at a wedding can be a great idea. Of course, you may have guests present wearing diamond necklaces, rings, etc., but did you know that the bride can also be wearing additional diamond jewellery specifically for the wedding? In fact, there are even diamond wedding rings that are very appealing to many women.

So I had a look online and looked out diamond websites which provide useful information as well as the latest diamond wedding ring designs. I came across the website 77Diamonds which also have a wide selection of 77Diamonds eternity rings. This website can give you an idea of the sort of elegant and glamorous diamond studded wedding bands that many brides enjoy these days. Of course, there are still many wedding rings that are simply bands of precious metal – but, diamonds in wedding rings are becoming more and more common. Whether you want a few small stones set in your ring, or a full band of diamonds, as with the eternity rings, this is a great way to really shine brightly during your wedding. However, before you and your spouse go about picking out a diamond-studded wedding ring, you may want to look into some of the details involved with picking out diamonds.

The shape of your diamonds

To begin with, you will want to consider the shapes of your diamonds. Shape, not to be confused with “cut,” literally refers to the shape of your stone, and is very important to many people, as different shapes may hold different meanings. The most popular shapes are generally “round,” “princess,” and “asscher,” though there are also options like “heart,” “emerald,” “pear,” and several others to consider. Even with small stones on a diamond wedding ring, it is worth looking into these shapes to see that your ring is an ideal choice for you.

The quality of your diamonds

Once you’ve selected the shapes of your diamonds, you will also want to consider factors that deal more specifically with quality. For example, you should look into whether or not your diamonds have high quality cuts, as the cut involves how the surface of the diamond is shaped in a way to best reflect light and sparkle. Additionally, you should make sure that your diamond is white in colour (white meaning “clear), and that it has a high clarity rating, meaning that it has few blemishes and imperfections. These factors help contribute to your diamonds being clear, bright and shiny. Ultimately, so long as you choose a ring that appeals to you and a set of high quality diamonds, you should have a fantastic and unique wedding ring.

I have added a little slideshow with the most recent wedding rings we had the pleasure to photograph:

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