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If you are the kind of couple who truly wants to savour every moment on their wedding day, who likes to have lots of time with their friends and family, and who wants to have elegant photographs of every aspect of your day, with minimum time commitment of yourselves on the day, we are the right photographers for you!

We believe a wedding is just that: a fantastic day, a celebration – the best day in your lives. We believe you truly deserve a relaxed photography experience, with minimum time commitment of you, the bride and groom, so you have more time with your family and friends.

Let us worry about capturing all the little details and moments. We only take you – the bride and groom – away from the reception for around 20 minutes, and we promise you, we will create amazing photographs you will love forever.

My website contains lots and lots of information about wedding photography and some useful advice for the wedding day too.

Let’s start with the wedding photography jargon and find out what it all means.

We – that is Nadin Dunnigan and my partner Mo Thomson – are established wedding photographers in Edinburgh, Scotland. We have photographed weddings in the most amazing Edinburgh wedding venues (and further afield!), such as the Glasshouse, Balmoral Hotel, Prestonfield Hotel, Mansfield Traquair, Lennoxlove, Dundas Castle, Edinburgh Castle, Gleneagles Hotel, Cameron House (Loch Lomond).

Edinburgh, and Scotland in general, is such a great place for a wedding. Laden with history and tradition, you can make your wedding in Edinburgh very special and personal. The choice of locations for photographs is endless. Edinburgh lends itself to be the perfect background for any wedding – in any weather.

Whether you live in Edinburgh or nearby, or you are visiting / eloping for your wedding in Scotland, we are the perfect choice for your wedding.

Wedding Packages >>>

Digital wedding photography packages in Edinburgh by experienced wedding photographers start at around 1400 – 1700, depending on what they include in their packages. And you usually pay extra for a wedding album. Send us an email and we can discuss your requirements and work out the best possible package for you.

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Photography Jargon >>>

Congratulations on your engagement, you must be excited! And you have a big task ahead of you. Organising your dream wedding day. There are a lot of things to think about and you are just finding out about all the different aspects of organising a wedding.

I have put a page together explaining all the different things you might come across on your search for your perfect Edinburgh wedding photographer. We can use a lot of jargon, and I hope this is lifting the fog a little bit about our industry words.

Pre-Wedding Photos >>>

Remove the nerves of being photographed by having our complimentary pre-wedding photography session a few months before your wedding. This is a perfect opportunity to get to know your photographer – and you can also get used to being in front of the camera. We include the pre-wedding photo session in all our wedding packages – at no extra cost.

Couples who had the session are a lot more relaxed on the day as they know exactly what to expect.

Your wedding day


On your wedding day, you want everything to run smoothly and be dealt with in a professional way, but still leave room for fun and spontaneity. 10 years of photographing weddings in Scotland have taught us that it’s best to be over-prepared (rain?) and over-organised, to make sure your special day is nothing short of amazing.

We start the process with getting to know you and finding out about you to create the most incredible photographs of you even before your wedding day during a pre-photo session, months before your special day.


Relax knowing that on your wedding day, one or two experienced photographers  working unobtrusively, from the preparations in the morning right through until the dancing at night. We stay for however long it takes, you simply enjoy your day with your family and friends, and we capture the special moments for you.


The focus on your day for you is to enjoy time with family and friends, and we make this our focus too. We only spend about 2o-30 minutes with you away from the reception, so you will be back with your wedding guests before you know it.

Your wedding photographs will be ready for viewing a few weeks after your special day, and you can enjoy them during a viewing session, or online, in a secure section of our website.


You may then select your favourite images and we will design a stunning wedding album for you which will preserve the memories from your wedding day for years to come.

We work with some fantastic suppliers and can provide amazing wedding albums to store your wedding memories for years to come. All our albums are designed by Nadin – and they are designed around your wedding day. No two wedding albums are the same. You can have a great deal of input in the style of your album to truly reflect your wedding day.

Your wedding day

You know what I love about my job?

Every single time I photograph a wedding I get to do something I love. I get to capture one of my clients’ biggest days in their lives. It’s the most wonderful thing in the world. The best thing is to try out new things at every wedding and create a really unique product for my clients, and we can do all this in some of the most amazing venues in Edinburgh.

Capturing ALL of your day...